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How do you get new songs on Michael Jackson the experience?


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You don't unlock new songs.

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There are two; This Is It which is a compilation of old songs and Michael which contains all new songs.

A new album with some of his unreleased songs will apparently be out later in the year.

A second posthumous album with previously unreleased songs will be out in late 2012.

He left a bunch of unreleased songs, they will be released somewhere down the line

There won't be a new Michael Jackson... I'm sad too...

More than 740 ( released ). Maybe way more. Because of a new album of all of Michael Jackson's unrealeased songs ( out in November 2010 ) There will be even more.

because Michael Jackson has Leading new music trends

He doesn't have a new name.

Yes , Michael Jackson Did Have a New Album Ready But Sadly It Didn't Get Released But Soon It Might Be Released .

The title of the NEW Michael Jackson movie is "This Is It".

When he left his group (Jackson 5) into a new record deal, they told him to take all of the 'bubble gum" out of his songs completely. it took him a minute but he did it with Bad.

that was the year his remix album Blood on the Dance floor came out. it came with many remix's of his songs from his album HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, and also 5 new songs. the 5 new songs were Blood on the dance Floor, Superfly Sister, Is It Scary, Morphine, and Ghosts.

Michael Jackson album History was released on 20 June 1995 and it is a double disc. The first disc "History Begins" is a collection of 15 of Michael's greatest hits and the second disc "History continues" contained 15 new songs, 12 of them composed by Michael Jackson.

No. The '' New Boyz '' did.

No, he was only in one band; The Jackson 5/Jackson's.

Michael Jackson did not sing Candy Girl, a band called New Edition did.

Take care of his children, write songs, dance, do performances, meet new people. He was also preparing for a series of concerts in London.

His name has always been and will always be Michael Jackson.

The new album is out on December 14th.

No he didn't have a place in New York.

Nothing is new with Micheal Jackson. Unfortunately, he passed away on June 25th, from Cardiac Arrest.

One day Michael Jackson bought orphans new toys pillows blankets & beds.

befor or after the this is it tour.

No Michael Jackson did not invent the sidewalk -Arthur Wesley Hall and William Alexander McVay created concrete partitions in New Brunswick in 1924. Michael Jackson did However create the Moonwalk!

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