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Put the key in, turn to position 2, press small Alan key or something simlar into little hole on top of the barrel, should feel a spring loaded switch. press down and barrel will pull out.

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Q: How do you get off ignition barrel on Ford Fiesta?
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How do you turn off the engine light after you stalled your ford fiesta?

Take the keys out of the ignition.

How do you get the lock barrel off the door of your 2000 Ford Fiesta?

A shotgun, a strong crowbar and a lot of upper body muscle.

How do you get the air filter box off a ford fiesta duratec?

how do you get the air filter box off ford fiesta duratec

How do you remove the ignition barrel on an 87 Ford Laser?

Remove the steering column surround and you should see a black round thing on the left hand side, this is the ignition switch. Remove this and you will see there is one screw holding the ignition barrel on, remove and you then need to insert your key and turn it to the ACC position. you should now be able to withdraw the barrel using the key but take care not to snap the key off in the barrel

How do I remove a 1997 Ford Fiesta steering wheel?

Yank it off

How do you turn off the rear windscreen wiper Ford Fiesta?


Does the engine on 1996 ford fiesta have a safety cut off when airbag goes off?


Ignition chime won't go off after car is started 1994 ford tempo?

If the ignition chime will not turn off on a 1994 Ford tempo the switch for the sound is jammed. The steering column with have to be removed to access the switch for the ignition chime.

What does the automatic ignition shutoff do on a 2007 Ford Ranger?

What Do You Think It Does? It Shuts Off The Ignition Of Your Engine, So Basically It Cuts The Engine Off...

How can you turn the passenger airbag off in Ford Fiesta 2007 so you can use your child seat?

There is a kit avalible from ford dealer

1987 ford truck shuts off?

it has to be a relay or ignition problem

How do you replace an ignition switch 1984 ford ranger?

take the steering wheel off and take the ignition lead off and then you buy a new ignition with new key or vis versa

Will my Ford fiesta engine light automatically switch off when problem resolved?

Once the problem has been resolved switch off the ignition, leave it a few seconds, then switch on again and the engine fault light should be off. If it remains on then there is a possibility you may have more than one fault.

Why does my Car engine continue running when the ignition is switch off?

It sounds like your dizzy cap isn't lined right which causes the engine to stay running after the ignition has been switched off. i had the same problem with my fiesta

What causes the ignition light on your 1990 Fiesta to come on when the engine is switched off even with keys removed from ignition?

check for a bad earth strap going t gearbox to battery

How to open petrol cap Ford Fiesta mark 5?

hi while parking near the petrol bunk the ignition was not switched off vendor pulled the petrol cap but it is locked now how to fill the petrol now please explain

How do you remove a gear knob on a 1998 Ford Fiesta?

twist the gear knob anti clockwise and it will come off

How do you put oil in a Ford Fiesta?

little breather on top of the rocker cover, pull it off and put the oil in.

How do you remove the ignition barrel on a ford escort van with out the key?

1 .Remove the screws from the housing which covers the steering column and ignition barrel etc, both top and bottom, remove covers 2. on the top centre of the steering column is a screw which holds on the controls for your indicators etc, remove this. 3. before lifting off the controls you will have to unplug the connecting wires on the left hand side as this will disable the alarm, its a simple plug just pop it out. 4. Covering the ignition barrel is a plastic cover, remover screw and remove the cover. 5. on top of the now exposed ignition barrel is a small hole place a small screw driver into this and press firmly (there is a button inside) keeping the key in the ignition after a bit of jiggling the barrel will come out.

How do turn off the chime on a ford escape 2010?

Do you mean the key in ignition chime?

Why does ford fiesta diesel 1994 keep running after you have switched it off?

soleniod in pump is sticking open ,replace soleniod

How can you hotwire 93 pickup 4cyl?

pop the blackbox off the bak of the ignition barrel and turn the middle with a key or scredriver

How to bypass the immobilziser on a ford fiesta m reg as you last your keys and changed all the locks and the acu and pats box but will still not start?

if you look as youwere taken off the old ignition switch there was plastic box with a hollow circle around the ignition switch that is the immobilizer ther is a chip inside your key and they have to correspond with each other if you got it from ford it would have comewith a new one if you got it off a scrapper then you have to get that box thisis the only solution i know wja

Location of ignition starter switch for 1985 ford f150?

The actual problem is the starter continues to turn after key is turned off and pulled out of ignition.

How do you remove a front passengers interior door from a 1995 Ford Fiesta?

With a screwdriver in each corner will pop the side card off.