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How do you get oil-based paint off flooring?

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go to your local lowes and purchase a prodcut called goo off (oil based) or lift off (oil Based) and depending on what type of flooring we are talking about, if it's oil just use mineral spirits.

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How do you get oilbased dried paint off your skin?

Warm water, soap and a scrub brush should do it.

Can you paint over water based paint with oilbased paint?

yes you can... you can do oil over latex and latex over oil

How do you get paint off laminate floors?

Try to use some organic solution like gasoline to wipe paint off laminate flooring.

How do you get edge dressing off of wood flooring?

Steel wool and paint thinner

How to get paint off of vinyl flooring?

turpentine if its water based, if its not water based your out of luck.

How do you get latex paint off of woodgrain vinyl flooring?

use tomato juice. it sounds wierd, but it works PERFECTLY!!

Can I paint over the laminate flooring in my kitchen?


How you say flooring and paint?

Not sure what your question really is? How to pronounce the words?

How to Paint Vinyl Flooring?

Painting vinyl flooring is a good way to change flooring that is in good condition but needs to be updated. Quality vinyl flooring does not need removal to obtain a new revitalized look. A few instructional steps are needed to start a fairly straightforward task of painting vinyl flooring. This project is economical and allows for personal creativity. To paint vinyl flooring, you will need: Clean vinyl flooring Floor paint Sand block Deglosser (optional) Several cloths Paint rollers (several) Paint primer Step 1: Remove the gloss. Rub down the flooring using a sanding block to remove the shine property from the vinyl. This step is important because it provides the paint with a rough surface to adhere to. Step 2: Optional step. Use a deglossing agent found in hardware stores to remove any remaining gloss on the vinyl. Apply the anti - glosser to a cloth, then use on flooring where needed. Allow it to penetrate for 10 minutes and following product instructions whether to rub-off or not. Step 3: Prepare the surface. Make use of a paint roller to apply a thick layer of primer to the dry vinyl flooring. After the first coat has dried, put on a second coat of primer. The primer allows an even surface for the paint to hold to. Step 4: Paint the flooring. Utilize a roller to apply the paint to the dry floor. The roller provides an even distribution of color on the vinyl. Any areas where the vinyl pattern is visible should be given an extra coat of paint. Step 5: Repeat painting. Apply multiple coats of paint to obtain the desired look. All coats should be applied after flooring has dried from previous applications. Step 6: Seal the look. Use a roller to apply multiple layers of paint sealant. The sealant protects the floor from damage due to regular wear and tear. Painting vinyl flooring is completed after sealant has dried. Tips Sanding and deglosser can be used together or solo Stencils can be used to create an original flooring design

Can you mix oil and acrylic paint together?

That's a bad idea - one is waterbased, the other oilbased. Oil and water don't mix. Egg tempera paint does, because egg is an emulsion. On top of that, oil doesn't adhere well to acrylics, so the paint will fall apart in time.

Can you use paint-on bedliner inside of a pickup cab as flooring?

As floor coating or paint, not to actually replace the metal.

How do you take latex based paint splatter of a hard wood floor?

Rub it with Goof Off on a rag and it will soften and come off. -I have tested Goof Off on 3 different types of hardwood flooring and it doesn't harm any.

How do you remove masonry paint from viynol flooring?

You can generally remove it with the appropriate thinner.

Can you install fiber flooring onto laminate flooring?

yes but its better if you take the laminant flooring off. it will come out cleaner with no cold in between

What color should you paint the walls with brown flooring and gray tub and sink?


Can linolium be laid on painted floor?

Yes. If the paint is sticking well to the original floor and the adhesive for the new flooring sticks to the paint, you are good to go.

Basement Floor Paint?

form_title= Basement Floor Paint form_header= Paint your basement floor. What is the square footage of the basement?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove old flooring?*= () Yes () No What color do you want to paint the basement?*= _ [50]

Does paint come off glass?

Does paint come off glass?

What are the pros and cons of using laminate versus wood flooring?

I would not recommend real wood flooring for a kitchen. You are better off using tiles. Real wood flooring can decay faster if you spill something on it. With laminate flooring you don't have to worry about that. However, wood flooring does look nicer. I would go with tile flooring for a kitchen and wood flooring for other rooms.

How do you get hardwood flooring adhesive off skin?

Use a 'mechanical method' to scrape it off.

Can you use waterbased paint over oilbased primer?

Yes, acrylic paints (water based) will be fine when used over oil based primer. Depending on the brand, allow 24-48 hours of drying time before applying the paint. Some types can be painted over in as little as 1-2 hours.

How do you get dried paint off?

Off WHAT ?

What are the Types of hardwood flooring?

Various hardwood flooring includes reclaimed flooring, hand hewn-beams, antique flooring, pine flooring, maple flooring, lumber flooring, fir flooring, and oak flooring.

What can take off car paint?

paint remover

How do you get paint off wellies?

Rub it with paint thinner.

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