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How do you get old rod in soul silver?


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I honestly have no idea. Just wait till Olivine for the good rod!

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A fisherman within the Pokemon Center on Route 32 will give you the Old Rod in Pokémon SoulSilver.

All you have to do is go to the Pokemon centre in route 32 to find the old rod in Pokemon SoulSilver.

You can get a Magikarp by fishing in any body of water with an Old Rod

you get the old rod from one of the fishermen on route 32,the good rood in olivine,

The old rod is given to you by a fishing guru. He is located in the Pokemon Center just outside of the Union Cave. Talk to him to get the rod.

Anywhere that you can go fishing. Especially by using the Old Rod.

Go to Route 32 and talk to the Fisherman and he'll give you one.

The old rod should be in goldenrod city the good rod should be in olivine city and the super rod should be in lavender city. I'm not sure about the old rod. You just have to talk to people

When you are on your way to Azealea Town, a Pokemon center is on the route there. Go inside and talk to the fisherman and say yes and you'll get the old rod.

its in migginiggins garage outside portrush

Talk to the fisherman NPC in the Pokemon center near the entrance to Union Cave.

you will find it in a house somewhere

you get the good rod from somebody, and on route 12 there is a house, walk in there and speak to the guy, he will give you a super rod :).

if I remember right its in a house in Olivine City

the fishing guru gives it to you in olivine city

A house above the Pokecenter in Olivine City.

You get it from a Fishing Guru at Olivine City.

Fishing in Vermillion with a Super Rod.

To find a Poliwag in Soul Silver, just use your old rod in the water in the Ruins of Alph. The first time I put my rod in the water, I caught one! :)

Easy. Just register the fishing rod then face water and press y

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