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there are places in most large citys called hot spots whare a wirless network is left open so that you can connect to the web. you will need a wirless network card in your laptop for this. about 50$ at best buy or radio shack. you could also use a cell phone as a modem if your phone and cell carrier provide this service. also brod band internet is brought in on your telivision cable not your phone line. and if you want to just surf with no wires in your home you can set up a wireless network at home for under 100$

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Q: How do you get on the internet with your laptop without going through a phoneline?
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Is there a way to have internet without home home or laptop computer?

Yes, if you have a cell phone you can connect through your service provider.

Without net connection you can browse internet in your laptop?


If you have got a non wireless internet modem and you also have a laptop ha do you get internet on your laptop without plugging in?

You need to add a wireless access point to your wired internet.

Can an Xbox360 connect to the Internet through a laptop?


Can i access the internet through an xbox 360 and my laptop?

Yes you can(Xbox live and internet).

What is a laptop wireless internet connection for?

A wireless Internet connection allows you to go on line with your laptop without having to be connected to the router with a cable. You can go sit outside in the garden and browse on the Internet.

If you are using a Windows XP laptop to connect wirelessly to a network is there a way of connecting a Vista PC without wireless to the internet through said laptop?

You may be able to establish an Ad-Hoc connection between the Vista Desktop and XP laptop. I've never tried it, therefore google is your best friend. Search "Connect desktop to internet via Laptop)

Can a Laptop with wireless be used with cable modem without a router and not plug into the cable modem directly?

If you want to have internet on that laptop you need to be connected to internet provider which usually happens directly (connected to the modem) or indirectly (connected to the modem through wired or wireless router).

How do you use bluetooth enabled mobile to share access to the Internet through an Internet-enabled laptop?


How does a laptop computer connect to the internet?

Through either its wireless connection or through a ethernet port.

What does wireless high speed internet do?

Wireless high speed internet allows you to use your laptop without having it connected to the internet via a cable hook up. You can use your laptop anywhere in the house if you have wireless.

Can you get television and internet without phone?

Yes, through the aid of an actual television set and a desktop or laptop computer, respectively.

How can someone connect to the internet on their laptop by using a cell phone?

Connecting to the internet from the laptop through a cell phone is done through a process called "tethering." The cell phone is able to create a wireless signal that the laptop connects to, much like a home wireless network.

Can you use your laptop screen to play ps3 games using remote play?

No the laptop can not connect with the PS3 through the internet.

How do you get your laptop and cellphone to connect through wifi?

first you need a router and internet access, your laptop should detect the network

Can you run ethernet cable from laptop to desktop to get on the internet?

No only through a router.

Can you connect a laptop to the internet without a modem?

Yes, your computer doesn't need the modem, however the server computer does. This can be accomplished through a wireless network. You will need a wireless card, however; internal or external. Otherwise, there is no other way you can connect to the Internet without a modem.

How can a laptop access the Internet?

Laptops generally come pre-wired for both wireless and wired connections to the internet. Connections are made through a modem (through physical connection or through a WiFi signal) acquired from an internet service provider. It is more common to access the internet without wires. Many businesses provide free WiFi access for their clients (eg. cafes and libraries).

How can listen FM radio in laptop without using Internet radio?

This is not possible yet.

How do you update your laptop without Internet?

Just close the internet and reset or update your computer the internet or don't open the internet when you reset or undate!

i already have internet thru my cable i have a laptop wireless and i want to add my laptop to my internet?

Just get a wireless 802.11 adapter for the laptop to connect to the internet.

What is a wi fi?

wireless internet: for example you are able to use the internet on a laptop in your home without connecting it to a modem

Can you use internet on a gaming laptop?

yes,we can use internet on a gaming laptop.

Can you wirelessly connect to internet through wireless acces point like when you want to connect a laptop to the internet through access point that is already taken by PC?

Yes, you can.

How would you access the internet with a laptop?

Either connect via a wireless network, connect through a 3G network or connect your laptop with an ethernet cable.