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any how i am having a carnival in build a bearville and i want anyone who has an account on there to come. it will be on October 18, 2008 in the den Gym. it will be at friendship forest park. it will be all day. i hope to see you there. i am samanthabrown23 on buildabearville and my BFF is zoeyballetbear99 on buildabearville. please come

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In Poptropica spy island where is the warehouse?

The warehouse is on the docks. you Need to climb to the roof to get in.

How do you get to the top of the roof in the docks on spy island?

You jump

How do you get the spy island bowtie in poptropica?

you have to capture a spy first and the spy will give it to u (on the docks)

Where is the vent you enter into on the roof at the docks on spy island?

There are two different "roof entrances" on Spy Island. The first is on the roof of the docks, where there is a doorway to where the first spy is being held. The second is a "vent" on the roof of a tall building on Balding Avenue. That is where the third spy is being held. (see the related questions for the sequences)

When you get the invisible suit how do you get to the docks on Spy Island?

The docks are just left of Main Street. The entrance to the building is on the roof.

Where on the roof do you find the first missing spy on spy island?

He's inside a bared roof, but you need the laser pen you get from the 1st spy you save in the docks.

How do you get on the docks on spy island?

when you get on spy island you go to the far left to get to the docks and save the spy!!

Where do you get a pen in early Poptropica?

There is no pen on Early Poptropica. The Laser Pen is from the first rescued spy (at the docks) on Spy Island. The ordinary pen is an item on Reality TV Island.

How do you find the bad guys in poptropica?

all you have to do is go to spy island and go to docks

Where is the secret entrance on spy island?

go left to the docks and go to the roof(if you have the chameleon suit)

How do you get to the top of the roof tops from the antenna on spy island in poptropica?

just use the spy grappeling bowtie to get up there

Why are there still BAD agents in the docks when you've finished Spy Island in Poptropica?

Becuase they are guarding the ware house.

What do the messages say on spy island poptropica?

on the roof, opposite letter, and something else

Where can you find the first spy at poptropica?

you can find him at the docks.

What do i do next when i have the suite poptropica?

on spy island you put the chameleon suit on and go to the docks and get past the B.A.D guys and get to the door

Where is the agent you talk to about the eye exam on spy island on poptropica?

He's on the roof of the Headquarters building.

What do you do after you get the suit on Poptropica?

Go to the docks (left of Main Street) and slip past the guards and dogs to rescue the first spy. The entrance to the building is on the roof.

Where is the spy you have to talk to?

they are every where, if you go to the board walk there is a guy hiding in the trashcan, if you go back to main street there is a spy on the roof in poptropica spy island

What is the weird mask on spy island for Poptropica?

The mask on spy island in poptropica is a mask from Nabooti island.

Where are all the agents you rescue in poptropica?

there are three agents in the spy island one is in the docks two is in the tower and three is up on the roofs

Where do you get the laser glasses in poptropica?

You get them from up from the roof in spy island but you need to have the special tie to get up there first

How do you get to the docks in spy island?

Get the cameleon suit.

What do you use the neck tie for in poptropica spy island?

You will go up to a spy on a roof and talk to him ,and he will tell you what todo. He is above the B.A.D restaurant

When did Spy island come out on Poptropica?

Spy Island, the sixth island of Poptropica, was released on September 9, 2008.

How do you unlock ninja on poptropica?

This may refer to the First Spy, held captive at the docks on Spy Island. To free him, climb through the ceiling of the vault. (see related question)