How do you get on tv?

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There are many different TV shows and TV formats.

I have visited a website that seems to be growing day by day as more people are asking about how they can get on tv for different shows. The main questions are broken into two categories, How do you get on a TV Show and How do you get on Reality TV.

How do you get on a TV Show:

This question is focused more for Game Shows, Cooking Shows, Local Programming etc, with permission from the website HowDoYouGetonTV it seems like one of the ways to get on a TV show is to have new and fresh content for these programs. Right now it seems like they are making TV about anything eg Ice Road Truckers, Swamp People, Logging People, Small People, People with Dogs, so you need to be able to email the networks something new, again if you want email addresses etc visit the HowDoYouGetonTV website (see related links).

How do you get on Reality TV:

Most of these shows you will need to create an audition clip to submit to the casting crew for the reality show, make it stand out from the rest, show the best parts of your personality, make sure you are going to stand apart from the 1000's of people who are also thinking "How do I get to be on reality TV".

One of the great topics covered by HowDoYouGetonTV is a warning about what you should ask yourself before you even try to get on a TV show, it warns about how people might come out of the woodwork when you are famous or how your life will change forever and that it will never go back to the same as it was before you were on Survivor or Big Brother. I think these are more important questions to ask yourself rather than blindly just asking "How do you get on TV".

Also, before I edited this post someone else had answered the question "How do you get on TV" by saying "Just sit on it", I thought that was a great answer to this question. Good luck and I hope your TV dreams come true.

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Q: How do you get on tv?
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