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First, insert your first image: "<img src="a href://xyz.jpg">" Then, use the hard break command: "<.BR>" (remove the period). Then, place your next image. They will appear directly on top of each other.

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How do you send picture from on site to another site?

Just copy the URL or HTML code of the picture from one site and paste it in the other site.....

For the picture sequence above find the picture that follows logically from one of the four below?

For the picture sequence above, find the picture that follows logically from one of the four below

Href in HTML?

href is used in HTML to link from one website/webpage to another.

Do you have a picture of an Irish water spaniel?

Yes, the picture above is one.

How does PHP differ from HTML in terms of application and structure?

In structure &lt;?php ?&gt; &lt;html&gt; &lt;/html&gt; in application - one is static and another is dynamic. this much ......

How can you switch MySpace picture comments from one picture to another?

You Can't. If they don't like the picture then they are not going to comment. You can't transfer comments from one picture to another. Sorry

What is a picture that can be clicked on to move you from one place to another?

a linked picture?

What allows you to move from one webpage to another?

A HTML hyperlink allows you to move from one web page to another.With your mouse or touchpad

What is a manip?

A manip is when you take one picture and "morph" it with another one to make it look like it is one original picture

What can graphically represent an HTML file?

There are several things that can graphically represent an HTML file. One is a web browser. Another is an HTML writing program, like Adobe's Web Design Premium.

Where can one learn more about making an html newsletter?

An html newsletter is not difficult to create once one knows and understands the process. Classes at local colleges offer courses to teach html. Another source is a course offered through the library to teach the creation of an html newsletter.

How do you link one HTML page to another using button?

You can link to another HTML document using an HTML button. Use the form action feature to go to another web page. Here is an example you can use:

How do you move a picture from one line to another line using drag and drop method?

how to move a picture from one line to another line using drag and drop method

What is the fullform of REL in HTML?

The REL attribute in HTML is a shortened version of "relationship." REL attributes are used to define the relationship between one file and another.

How to move the car while taking picture?

Have one person driving another person taking the picture.

What is the name of the tool used when you draw around one picture to duplicate that picture on another page?


What is an unmounted picture?

You have a picture - it's laying on a table. It's not in an album. It's unmounted. You have another picture - it's in a frame, hanging on the wall. That one is mounted. There's another picture. It's in a scrapbook or photo album. It's attached to the page. That one is mounted, too.

How do you move from one webpage to another?

A link eg: &lt;a href="page2.html"&gt;Page 2&lt;/a&gt;

Who created HTML web language?

Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML while at CERN. He was trying to make it easier for scientists to share their results with one another.

What device is used for sending picture from one place to another?


How do you link one website page to another?

== == This is how to do it in HTML: &lt;a href="[target_location]" title="[title_of_target_page]"&gt;Link text&lt;/a&gt;

How do you pass table values from one page to another using HTML?

You cant you have to use php or javascript.

How will you pass values from HTML page to the servlet?

we are passing values from the HTML to the Servlet by using HTML controls. ex:name,password.......... In servlets we have one method for getting the values from HTML is getParameter() example: String s1=req.getParameter("T1"); String s2=req.getParameter("T2"); in above example T1,T2 are the names of the HTML controls, String is a class and req is the object of the HttpServlet.

What tags are used to embed one HTML page inside another HTML page without using frames?

&lt;object type="text/html" data="" style="width:80%; height:300px; margin:1%;"&gt; embedded html without frames&lt;/object&gt;

What are the 2 main parts of the HTML?

There are a number of answers to that. One is the Template and the Content.The default (pretty much ALWAYS used) template for a HTML website is:The Content goes in-between and Another answer is the head area of the HTML file and the body area.