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How do you get online on Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PSP?

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You can. Do you have wifi internet? if u do, go to multiplayer, infastructure and select your home connection. join a game and play away.

But some answers say you can't, so i would get it for pc sense no one has like an old xbox or ps2 any more. If you do, I will buy it for $190

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Will there be a Star Wars game for psp?

It already is heres one: star wars battlefront star wars battlefront 2 and 3

What are some Star Wars Battlefront games for PSP?

One is Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

Is Star Wars Battlefront for psp?


When will Star Wars Battlefront 3 come to us?

battlefront 3 and 4 are out now on psp, and you should be able to buy them online or in the shop.

Star wars battlefront 2 psp how to get rise of the empire?

you can't get it in a psp

Star Wars Battlefront cheats for psp?

there are none. but there are glitches

Cheats for Star Wars Battlefront 2 psp?


Does Star Wars Battlefront Renegade PSP have game share?

no its not

Is Star Wars battlefront 2 for the mac?

According to Wikipedia, the platforms for Star Wars Battlefront 2 are: ps2, psp, PC, and Xbox. So, no.

Is Star Wars Battlefront 3 on PSP?

Nobody knows but LucasArts.

How do you crouch on Star Wars Battlefront elite squadron on the psp?

you can't

Can you play Star Wars Battlefront renagadesquadron on ps2?

No, you need a PSP.

Is Star Wars Battlefront 3 real?

yes, But currently is in development by Rebellion the devs of the PSP battlefront.

Can you play battlefront 2 on psp 3000?

yes you can. but i wood get star wars battlefront elite squadron.

Which is better for the psp Star Wars Battlefront 2 of Star Wars Battlefront renegade squadron?

It;s Based on opinion but Star wars renegade squadron you can custamize your troops and weps Not only that, but their is an online community to play with, controls are more refined, and it overall received better scores and reviews.

What is the next Star Wars video game going to be about?

The next Star wars video game is Star wars Battlefront Elite Force for Ds, PSP and ps2

Why is Star Wars battlefront elite squadron only on the psp and ds and will it be on ps2?

Well there wasent a battlefront 1 and 2 on the psp so could be something new for it

Can you play as aayla secura on Star Wars Battlefront 1 psp?

No. First of all, Aayla Secura is only on Battlefront 2and Battlefront 1 was released even before the PSP came into existence.

What is the best star wars battlefront game?

Battlefront 2. You can get reward buffs and weapons, it can be played online, and you can be a Jedi. Plus it's for console rathe than psp like some others.

Will Star Wars Battlefront II be out for wii?

no, it is only out for xbox, psp, ps2, PC and mac

What game station will Star Wars battlefront 3 will be in?

well they have one for the PSP , but probobly for the PS3

Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PSP?

That question is way to broad, please be more specific.

How many Star Wars Battlefront games will they make?

So far, there are 3, but Lucas arts is designing a fourth. The third is for the PSP platform, and goes by the name, "Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron".

What consoles does Star Wars battle front go on?

PS2 Xbox and PC Star Wars Battlefront 2 PSP PC Xbox PS2

Where can you get a Star Wars battlefront elite squadron demo for psp?

update ur psp to 6. 20 then ull unlock the psp store search it and dowload

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