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How do you get onto Bebo on School?

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How do you get onto Bebo through school?

if it is blocked type in proxy bebo into google and find a site that works :D

How to have bebo?

go onto the website, and register for bebo.

How do you get in Bebo in school?

hello there i was jst wondering how to get on bebo at school when it is blocked

What is the ip address for bebo?

how do i get on bebo at school?

What are some websites to go onto Bebo?

Type in bebo into google and click on 'my bebo profile' and enter your username and password.

What is brad kavanagh's Bebo?

He doesn't have bebo i go to school with him.

How do you get a virtual pet on bebo?

Go onto someones bebo who already has one and click add app.

How do you get onto the Bebo site?

Type into google

Can you move photos from your bebo onto your computer?


How can i register for bebo if it wont let me go onto it?

i really wanna no why its not letting me on bebo abd it can get pretty annoying !

What can you do if someone has hacked your bebo?

If you still have the password, go onto it and change the password or report them or contact bebo support.

How can you get into a Bebo account?

Go Onto Click the sign up button in the corner and put in your details. i love bebo!

How do you delete Bebo?

Go onto settings and delete account.

When did Bebo first start?

Bebo launched onto our internet in 2005 and until this date it has over 40 million registered users.

Why is aim now Bebo?

For any questions that are to do with bebo that you cant find on wiki answers, go onto bebosuport and they will be happy to help.

Could there be any other websites to getting into bebo?

There is a site,, which also goes onto bebo and often isn't blocked when normal bebo is. Also, if you go onto "Google" and type in "Premium Proxy", then click on the "Premium Proxy" site and type "Bebo" into the search box you may be able to get on it from there if it hasn't been blocked.

How could you get onto bebo?

Go to Or if this doesn't help, unblock it.

How do you get a picture onto bebo?

Edit profile picture or create a widgit.

Does Allie DiMeco Have Bebo?

Allie DiMeco's Bebo is personally know her. We go to the same school and I asked her what her bebo was.

How can you reset your old bebo account?

How do I reset my old bebo Membership? I had been a member of bebo since 2007 and I would like to go back onto it as I love being on it so much.

Can anyone get on your Bebo?

No one can get on to your bebo account, but they can get onto your bebo profile if its public. To change that, click 'Edit profile' and click 'privacy settings' and put in private so NO ONE but you and your friends can get on your profile.

What different fonts on Bebo can you use?

Go onto this sight :D Many different fonts for your bebo -->

How do get on Bebo if its banned?

depends on if your at school and want to get on bebo then you can go to\spy or

Can you move your miniplanet from bebo 2 Facebook?

Yes yhu can log onto bebo and press get user ID after going to miniplanet then finish the steps!! :)

When you got your bebo it came with the new bebo but how can you get it onto the old bebo?

Go onto 'My Profile' then underneath your profile picture there is a small box that says 'old bebo' just click on it & that's it sorted. The box is not directly underneath your profile picture, you will need to scroll down a bit to see it & it's quite small so look carefully & you'll find it.