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To break a pin in Smackdown! vs. Raw 2006, rapidly press any button.

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Q: How do you get out of a pin on Smackdown vs Raw 2006?
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How do you put in codes for Smackdown vs Raw 2006?

Search - Cheats for Smackdown vs Raw 2006, and look on many websites provided.

What game is better WWE Smackdown vs Raw or WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006?

Wwe Smackdown vs Raw 2006. Improved Graphics and good gameplay make this game very good. you should play it.

Can You Play Raw vs Smackdown 2006 online?

yes you can you can play smackdown vs raw 2007 online too

WWE Batista Games?

Batista is on Smackdown VS Raw, Smackdown VS Raw 2008, Smackdown VS Raw 2007 Smackdown VS Raw 2009, Smackdown VS Raw 2010 and will be in Smackdown VS RAW 2011 and so on...

Smackdown vs raw 2006 internet?

What do you mean? Are you asking if it's possible to play online on Smackdown vs Raw 2006? In case so, yes you can.

What are the release dates for WWE SmackDown vs- RAW 2007 - 2006 VG?

WWE SmackDown vs- RAW 2007 - 2006 VG was released on: USA: 2006

What are the release dates for WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 - 2006 - VG?

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 - 2006 - VG was released on: USA: 2006

Can you download on Smackdown vs Raw 2006?


How do you pin in Smackdown vs Raw 2006?

press down and circle near your opponent and don't press x while ur pinning

How do you put music on the game Smackdown vs Raw 2006 for PS2?

you cant you can only do it on smackdown vs raw 2008 on xbox 360 sry

How do you get Smackdown vs Raw 2006 on PC?

with a emulator

Can car finisher on Smackdown Vs Raw 2006?


Where can you buy Smackdown vs Raw 2006?


How do you throw your opponent into anything on smack down vs raw 2006?

You get Smackdown vs. Raw 09

Does smackdown vs raw have layla?

Layla is on SmackDown vs Raw 2009, and is downloadable on SmackDown vs Raw 2011.

How do you get out of a pin on WWE Smackdown vs Raw?

x square or r1 or o

What WWE games are for ps2?

there are smackdown shut your mouth, smackdown here comes the pain, smackdown just bring it, wwe crush hour, smackdown vs raw, smackdown vs raw (2006-2011), legends of wrestling.

What is better smackdown vs raw 2008 or smackdown vs raw 2009?

SmackDown vs Raw 2009 is better. All the SmackDown vs Raw games have improved themselves from game to game, and the latest game (SmackDown vs Raw 2011) is a great one.

What is better WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 or WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

smackdown vs raw 2010

Are you able to edit the superstar roster on Smackdown vs Raw 2?

no you can't its like smackdown vs raw it has a fixed story line i think Its SmackDown V Raw 2006 not SmackDown V Raw 2 n ani way no i think the storylines fixed

Are there any cheats for Smackdown vs. Raw 2006?


Is the hurricane in WWE smackdown vs raw 2006?


Was smackdown vs raw 2006 on xbox 360?

No. Only on psp and ps2

How do you unlock cm punk on Smackdown vs Raw 2007?

Although his debut was on 2006 you can not get CM punk on smackdown vs raw 2007. but you can create CM punk.

Is the Smackdown vs raw coming on the ps2?

There are a number of the games for PS2 including the one without the year released in June 2006 as WWE Smackdown vs Raw