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Kids don't need anything extraordinary to do in order to have fun, try taking them to a park in the area. Getting out into some fresh air is good for all of you. Some more ideas: Get season tickets to an aquarium and go once per month or more, they normally aren't that expensive and are cheap for a family pass - the one in Seattle (nationally renowned) is only $60 for a family no matter the size. Other aquariums are probably the same or less $ Get into a mall walkers program and take the kids for a walk, you will get exercise and teach the kids the importance of staying fit at the same time Have lunch outside on a blanket ('picnic' if you prefer the term), kids love doing routine things in a different way If you live in farm country, take them for a hike or find some trails nearby. Ask a local farmer to teach the kids about farming and show them the tractors (lots of fun for the kids and you will learn news things too). Take the kids on career field trips (fire station, police station, etc) and ask ahead of time for a person to teach your kids something new. Getting out is easy if you are willing to be creative, it may sound like you will never get your head to stop spinning with 3 kids (the hardest number in my opinion), but hang in there and make yourself leave the house when you need to. Also, set a day out of each week where you can get out by yourself. If there is nowhere to go because you live somewhere rural, just drive to some secluded spot and watch the stars or read if it is daytime. Do whatever you want. I live in British Columbia, Canada and volunteer for Women's Abuse at a Center. There is always someone there to help; many counselors, and some women working there that have been abused and have conquered their fears and gotten on with their life. You can take your children and someone will watch them while you talk to the counselor and the counselors have Kleenex on their desk for a reason, so feel free to have a good cry! Then you will be taken to a "safe house" or "Transition House." You will be expected to take the programs they offer and do some tasks in the "safe house" as far as cleaning. They will also help with legal counsel. HOW TO PLAN TO LEAVE: When your spouse is at work or out of the house, grabjust a few things for you and the children and put them in a GARBAGE BAG, NOT A SUIT CASE and throw in the closet. NEVER phone the Women's Center from your home. If you have a trusted family member (NO ONE IN HIS FAMILY) or a good friend then ask them to phone for you. If there is no one then phone from the center from a drug store, or pay phone. Erase any information off the computer so your spouse can't find out what you are doing and that means all personal messages!!! DO NOT USE A CELL PHONE IF YOU HAVE ONE! Tell NO ONE with the exception of another family member or good and loyal friend what you are doing or where you are going. The next time your spouse is out of the house to go to work or just out then pack that garbage bag, take your 3 children and yourself directly to the Women's Abuse Center. It will be sometime before you can enter back into your home and if there are things there you need the police will escort you when the time is right. Good luck hon! You are stronger than you think! * Assuming the question refers to an abusive situation: The person can contact the National Domestic Violence and Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233,; or the National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence at 1-800-422-4453, for information and assistance.

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Q: How do you get out of an abusive relationship with three children and nowhere to go?
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