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In the end it didnt work out. its ok dont make yourself sad. stress is not healthy for the body. just hang out with your friends and pretend hes not there and if he really hurt you just ignore him. :) hope i helped

Also if you still hurt, calm down with some of your favorite music. Chat it out with your friends or family. Read a book. Just get your mind off of it.

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โˆ™ 2012-04-26 21:36:08
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Q: How do you get over a break up?
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What do you do when you like someone but you want to break up?

Break up, get over them, the world isn't over yet :)

How do you get over a break up fast?

The quickist way to get over a break-up is try to find someone new.

What if you love your girlfriend but she wants to break up with you?

Tell her how you fell and if she still wants to break up then get over it

Why does a guy date you then break up with you over and over again?

to mess with you

Why break up and make up over and over?

That's life, every human is different.

How do you break up with your boyfriend with out hurting him?

Wait until he finds someone else and then break up with him. Unfortunately if you have to break up with him anyway, you have no control over whether he will be hurt or not.

When is a break up official?

A break up is oficial when you are happy the relationship is over...instead of missing the other person.

Should a girlfriend break up with you over you having girlsox?

No that is bullshift, if the girl wants to break up then she is stupid.

How do I help my friend get over break up?

Comfort Her

Why does time stop when you break up?

Time stops when one has a break up. This may be due to over thinking about past .

Break up with someone over the internet?

Relationships get formed over the internet. Break ups also happen over the internet. Everything happens over the internet , yes it does.

Why did Operation Ivy break up?

Dispute over wardrobe.

What pop star did joe famously break up with?

Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift over the phone. It was a very publicized break up.

How can you get over a break up?

to get over someone, the best advice is to get under someone else

How did Kristen Stewart break up with Michael?

I think she told him it was over or something i don't know. how do peole usally break up with people?..

When you and your boyfriend break up is the easyest way to get over the break up is to get another guy?

NO. Nothing can really ease the heartache except time.

Why are you still in love with your ex-boyfriend?

It depends,did your boyfriend break up with you or did you break up with him.It's probably that you haven't got over him.

How did Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas break up?

They broke up over the phone! :)

Did people commit suicide over the beatles break-up?

yeah 4

Is it ok to break up with someone over the phone?

well its better to break up with them face- face but if you feel they are violent or good hurt you then talking over the phone is the best way but not texting :)

Your boyfriend will not stop drinking and driving?

Break up with him or threaten to break up with him.You can also say that it is over because you don't want to pay his tickets.

How do you break up with your bf nicely?

you dont, you get it over with as soon as possible :)

What do you do when your girlfriend's friends want you to break up?

Let it go get over it

Did perrie break up with Zayn Malik over a text?


What to do after a break up with your friends?

ok if this is a dating break up then: wach hopless romantic movies and cry and laugh together friend fight: invite them over and catch up