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How do you get over a close friend you can never have?

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Easy just don't think about them hang out with your other friends then just rather follow a person that you know you'll never be friends with. It's not easy when you love a friend and you can't let them know. If this person isn't going with someone then perhaps it's time you communicated this fact. If they are going with someone else then start going out with friends and meeting the opposite sex and you may be quite surprised you do find the person you should be with or your friend may realize how much they miss and care about you. Give some space between your friend and you, but don't lose touch because good friends are hard to find. Sometimes friends come into our lives for a reason even if it's for a few months, some stay longer while others will remain your friends for life, but each friendship will usually add to who you are and that's a great legacy.

2007-02-23 07:32:16
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Q: How do you get over a close friend you can never have?
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Why did my friend choise popularity over friendship?

well if he/she did that it means you were never that close

Why your friend shouldn't ditch you?

Friends should never ditch you, if you're that close then it should never happen. If your friend ditches you then unfortunately they are not much of a friend at all.

What is a best friend forever?

A best friend forever is a person who is a close and trusted friend to someone over an extended period of time.

Who was isac newton in a relationship with?

Nobody. He was never married, never had a 'close' friend, and it is said that he claimed to be a virgin on his death bed.

What if your close friend gets expelled because you told on them and everyone is mad at you?

They will get over it.

What do you do if your ex-friend is being submissive to your enemy?

Let them go. If they aren't your friend anymore then they were never your friend. At least not someone that was close or someone you can call your brother.

What is You're Never Over by Eminem about?

About his late best friend, Proof

Who is romeo close friend?

Romeo close friend is Mercutio

How long does it take to get over an ex fiance and still stay his friend?


How can you prevent your friend from telling your crush that you are a stalker?

just talk it over with your friend! and if she doesnt listen, you know she was never a true friend in the first place!

Who was Michael Jackson's dad's best friend?

Joe Kackson never mentioned any close friends to him but did once mention that he was close to the members of his band: "The Falcons"

When you are committed to your job?

Be careful, Don,t get over committed your job will never be a friend to you or treat you like family or a friend

Who was Romeos couzon and a close friend?

his cousin was benvolio and his close friend was mercutio

Is the devil your friend?

A Christian's opinionNo, the devil is not your friend. He never was and never will be your friend.

What should I do if one of my friends is using me as a backup?

You talk honestly,listen fully, and know that any friend is only there when asked to be. If that friend was not wanted, the friendship would never have happened. What is a back up? One can never have too many friends, however I firmly believe that anything over 20 close friends is a dangerous amount of close friends. Chances are they will not approve of each other. Then you have nasty dramas that kill friendships

What is the difference between close friend and best friend?

a close friend is someone you can talk to, and do things with. A best friend is someone you can tell anything to.

If you have this friend who was totally obsessed with this girl he had never met and she totally just crushed his heart on the phone How do you help him?

Just be his friend and he will get over it.

How do you say Close friend in Hebrew?

male close friend = khah-VEHR TOV (חבר טוב) female close friend = khah-veh-RAH toh-VAH (חברה טובה)

Can a close guy friend suddenly fall in love with her?

A close guy friend can fall in love with a close lady friend. It has happened to a couple of my friends and it can happen if you're close enough to this person.

My friend said she over heard a boy tell his friend he likes me how can I believe that without proof?

if your really close with that friend, then you can probably trust him/her, but if not then just ask the guy! dont be shy!

How do you get over an ex girl friend that is still a close friend?

Time heals all wounds. Unfortunately i still think about a girl from 20 years ago.

What if you are in love with your best friends boy friend and he likes you to?

never date your friends x's or current bf's. get over him, if you don't your not a loyal friend.

Why does your friend get close to every best friend you have?

because she like your friend

What should you do if a friend bails on you?

You should talk it over with them. If it is something VERY serious, talk to a close friend or maybe your mom or even a close relative. Be careful, you don't want anything getting out!! Wish you the best of luck with your dilemma.

Spell friend in french?

le copain = male friend la copine = female friend l'ami = close male friend / boyfriend l'amie = close female friend / girlfriend