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sadly there is no real way to get over a guy other than time. A few things that may help you along the way is to try and eliminate him form your life if he calls dont answer. you do not need any stress. just know that the people that will be able to help you through this are your closest friends weather they be guys or girls... and know that any guy in his right sense would not try and take advantage of you in your delicate time...unless he is a spineless bastard. so you will just have to wait it out

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Q: How do you get over a guy that you really care about but who will never feel the same way about you?
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How do you get over a relationship?

i believe that you never really get over somebody, until you find somebody that you care about more.

How do you get over someone who you really like but doesnt have the same feelings as you?

You may not get over it right away but if you just call that person and tell them how you feel they might feel the same way about you but, you will never know until you see what happens.

How do you get over someone you will never see again?

I think this is a tough one, because you will always have to past memories in your mind and heart. And if it happends ofter... then you really need to confront this person that you really can't stop thinking of and disscuss how you feel and let him know... If it seems like he doesnt care.. then you just waisted your time thinking about this person that never really care about you. Life goes on. There is some good men out there. Search girls ! Dont give up! Have fun and enjoy it while your still here.

How do you know your over him?

well if you really loved him it will take time but you usually know when you start forgetting his habits and idiosyncrasy's , you really in my opinion are over him when you realize that you don't care at all for him. when you see him with someone else and you feel nothing. hope this helps.

How do you know if you're really over your ex?

You won't care if they're dating someone else. You don't feel anything when they flirt with other girls/guys.

How do you know when a relationship is not really over?

You know the relationship is over when you don't feel the sparks anymore. Do you remember when you first kissed him/her and it felt completely right? If you never felt that,your relationship was over when it started. Don't worry, you will find someone that is completely right for you one day and the sparks will never go away. They will be yours. Feel better, Advice guru.

How do you know if the relationship is really over?

When there is nothing left there to feel or say then chances are it is over.

How do you carry yourself to make a girl feel attracted to you?

With confidence. A girl likes to feel,she can rely on a man and be protected by him. Never be too over confident though this can make a girl really dislike you. A big smile helps!

How can you tell your boyfriend how you feel?

you sit down over dinner and express how you feel and be open and honest as much as you can so he can fully understand on how you really feel

How to know when you are over your ex?

Getting over an ex takes time. But you really should already know by how you feel about the person. I think that to really be over an ex then all feelings of that person shouldn't exist anymore. For example if you were hurt by this person and you still feel anger towards them or even hate then you really still do care about the person and are not over them. Or Did you hurt the person and maybe you still feel guilty or bad about it then again you really arn't over them. To truly be over an ex is to be able to think about them and really not have much feelings towards them. So sit back and just think about your ex. Ask yourself how you would feel if they got married? If they moved far away? If you would never see them again? If you have strong feelings towards any of these questions then you really arn't over them completely.Also sometimes if you feel you don't know. Try dating some new people. If you start having strong feelings towards someone new then perhaps the feelings for your ex are drifting away. Good luck hope I helped :)Moving on.when you look at him one day, and he grosses you out, and you wonder what in the heck you ever seen in him to begin with! Booh-kitty says.......When you find yourself not thinking about them or wondering if your over them anymore, then you're over them for good!

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Belive me i know how that feels like and its not really easy to get over because its your family you care what they think. But if they dont love you the way they should get away from them it will be hard but it will be better and before you go tell them how you feel you feel much better for doing that it may not change ther perspective on you but youll feel a hell of alot better. Belive me i know how that feels like and its not really easy to get over because its your family you care what they think. But if they dont love you the way they should get away from them it will be hard but it will be better and before you go tell them how you feel you feel much better for doing that it may not change ther perspective on you but youll feel a hell of alot better.

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Is the relationship over..she thinks it's over but never heard what he thinks?

If she thinks it's over - it's over. You cannot force someone to feel something that they don't.

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How Do You get Over Someone You Really Loved?

You might never get over him/her. BUt the least you can do is get you mind of him/her. Try hang'in out with friends!

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Well, first of all you should tell your friends that they are only freaking 13!!!! And they shouldn't really care about their weight yet!!!! And if you feel like your "fat" you shouldn't really care hun! If you feel like you are doing good in your life and you are happy with the way you are it doesn't really matter how much you weigh! As long as you feel good about yourself that's all that matters!!! It doesn't really matter how much you weigh!!! -Hope this helps mayb theyre messing with u

How do you get over a guy who likes you but his brother and sister will bully him if you go out with him?

Try thinking to yourself that if he really liked you he wouldn't care about what his siblings thought of him. Don't think negativly thoughts such as we could be going it if it wasn't for them. Try and think positivly. I know everybody says time will heal the scars and when you feel aweful you think that you will never get over him, but honesty,after a while someone else will come along who you like far better :)

How can you tell if you and your boyfriends break is really over?

Try approaching him and talk to him and see how he feel about the situation.

How do you show your girl that you care?

Smile at her, look her in the eyes and tell her you really care about her. Hold her hand, put your arm around her waist and once in awhile get her some flowers (even if you can only afford one red rose) just to let her know you care, but don't over-do it because some of these more modern young women can feel smothered by such sentiment.

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