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Forget him, that's how. Life goes on. When someone doesn't treat you well be it a friend or a boyfriend then they are simply not worth having around. People that love their mate will treat them with respect and this guy sure isn't. He's jerk and you should kick this guy to the curb! I know it hurts, but he's not the only fish in the ocean!

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Who is Justin Bieber and why does she hate us?

first of all, justin bieber is an he, not a she! get it right! and second off all he doesnt hate us, he loves everyone, he loves his fans, his family and god, he just doesnt like you.

How do you know if you love your spouse more then he loves you?

if he treats you right, does everything in his power just to be with you, comes straight home from work just to spend time with you than yeah he loves you but if he doesnt do one of them then get a divorce cause its not worth it if you love him but he doesnt feel the sam way.

If he tells you he loves you and even tells his ex girlfriend he loves you when she asks if he even likes you does he really mean that he loves you or is he lying?

Because a boy says he loves you doesnt always mean he loves you. That doesnt mean that he doesnt THINK he loves you and it could just be puppy love but if even tells his ex girlfiend that he does love you, then I wouldn't worry about anything. He's totally into you!

How do you get a your boyfriend to say he loves you?

be patient he will if he truly loves you it just has to be at the right moment

How do you comfort a girl who loves someone who doesnt love her back?

Well there are a few things you can do. You can try to find someone who does like her to get her mind off the other guy, or you can just be there for her. Tell her how nice and pretty she is. Tell her it's his loss, and that she will find a guy that will treat her right soon. Hope this helped, Ariel.

You know he loves you but he just dont love himself?

if he loves you that is great. but if he doesnt love himself at all he must have very low selfesteam.

Does Miley Cyrus love her sister?

YES! Miley Cyrus loves her sister, but she doesnt just have one, she has 3! In which she loves very much

Who likes work?

Your mom loves work:) Your mom loves work:) your mom doesnt neccasarily love work she just has to do it my mummy doesnt like work because she doesnt get paid enough :( thats really sad. FML i love my mummy <3

How do you know if your boyfriend loves but he just get married?

you dont because your question doesnt make sense

What if your boyfriend tells you he loves you but doesnt want to kiss you?

that just means he's going slow and steady

Why does your girlfriend only tell you she loves you when she is drunk?

That means shes just a friend or she does not love you periodt

Why don't guys treat girls right?

Some guys do you just have to find the right guy if a guy doesn't treat you right he isn't worth it!:)

How can you tell if your boyfriend still loves you?

well if he is walking away from you and just doesnt answer when you ask him a question and he ignores you and he does this loads its clear that he has moved on and loves someone else :p =]

What does it mean when a guy friend says that he loves you but then later on he says he doesnt love you?

i a guy friend says that he loves u then later says that he does not then he is just playing with your emotions

He says he loves you like his best friend?

He really doesnt mean it. Ha actually really likes you he is just too nervous to tell you that he really loves you!<3

How do you know if your boyfriend for six years living with and doesnt say he loves you?

he may just be scared and not ready for the commitment

Your guy doesnt expresseshis feelings to you but the way he talks or cares for you suggests that he loves you?

just ask him if you are unsure about your relationship

Why a man say he loves you but got a girlfriend?

He is insane he doesnt love you he just wants you for a 1 night stand

How do you know how much he loves you?

You know he loves you when: He always treats you with respect, never talks to you like you were one of his mates, likes being with you, always makes time to be with you, tells you that you are beautiful no matter what you look like at the time, never preassures you for sex, loves to just cuddle or kiss you without just wanting it to lead to sex, doesnt make sexual comments about other women, doesnt try to hit on other women, is proud to talk about you and is proud to show you off to his family and friends. If he doesnt do these things he doesnt love you.

Why does a man say he loves you but wants no relationship?

maybe because he doesnt love you, or he just wants his options open. if he doesnt want a relationship with you then he obviously doesnt truly love you so you need to prove to him you can do without him

Name three reasons why Bella loves Edward?

1. He made her fall in love because of his charm , He can charm women all the time 2. she loves a relationship with mystery 3. she likes action romances 4. she doesnt fit into her own life and Edwards is just right for her

What to do if you are both in love but your girlfriend says she wants to finish as she doesnt like her self due to how she has been treated in past relationships?

PS even though she know`s i treat her well and love her, and she loves me, its just that she cant belive that any one can love her

When elemental hero neos alius turns into neos does his attack go up?

no just because it says "treat this cards name as e-hero neos" that doesnt mean it is that card just like proto-cyber dragon it says treat as named card it doesnt have its effect or power

How do i know if a man truly loves you and is with you just not because of children are involved?

Just ask him or have a friend ask him is he loves you! and i dont know about the childern part because im only 13 but does he like your children? but u dont have to take my advice because im just telling u what i would do but im bored right now so if he really loves you he would do anything for you so test that on him if he doesnt do anything for you he might not love you as much.

Why doesnt your crush like you?

probably because your just not the right girl for him. or maybe you are but its just not the right time.. keep trying...:) -hannah smith