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How do you get over a guy who is older than you?

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βˆ™ 2006-06-30 20:23:15

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Emotional issues such as that are so difficult to evaluate. One hundred people in exactly the same situation would react in one hundred different ways. Some recognize how easy it is to move on. They know that if it wasn't going to work, they won't gain anything by obsessing over it. Others seem to get stuck and can't get past what was lost, but what they may not actually have ever had. The best way to get past it is to not worry about it. Just live your life, find a hoby or other interest and focus on that. Get involved in a hobby, club, church group or some other organization that involves being around a lot of people. Focus on that and put a lot of your energy into the hobby or interest. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can get over the relationship and how trivial it will seem once you're past it.

2006-06-30 20:23:15
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How do you attract a guy who is 3 years older?

you act older than your age. like act more mature and flirt but not over the top.

Is 17 legal for a girl in Dallas to go out with a guy over 18?

Seventeen is the age of consent but there is a problem if the guy is older than 20.

What do you do when you dance with a guy who is older than you and he doesn't go to the same school as you and he suddenly stopped emailing you?

Get it over with.

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How do you win over an older guy?

Well there is this older guy and i really like him, and we used to hang out but now he is having second thoughts because of the age thing, how can i win him over

How much older a guy can you date?

try to stay at about 4 years older than you

How to confess to a guy one year older than you?

Same way as anyother guy

Can you date a guy that's 9 years older?

If you are both older than 18 then yes

Is it weird to like a guy older than you?

No. It is perfectly normal.

Is it weird for a girl to like a guy a year older than her?


How do get a guy to like you that is older than you?

Wipe crud on his face.

If he was sensible could you date a guy six years older than you?

Im dating a guy sx years older than me, he is an amazing person and really knows how to treat me right. He is sensible and loving. I think dating someone older than you is perfectly ok! Im dating a guy sx years older than me, he is an amazing person and really knows how to treat me right. He is sensible and loving. I think dating someone older than you is perfectly ok!

Can an older guy tell if a younger girl likes him?

If the older Guy is mature than Yes im sure he Can. Because, he is expirenced in this kind of stuff.

What does it mean when a Girl becomes a Cougar when their older than a Guy?

It means the older woman is very attractive and all guys (younger than her and older than her) find her attractive and want to pursue her.

What if a guy likes a girl older than her but she likes them as friends?

Your luck.

How can you tell if a guy that's older than you likes you?

your never going to get him

Is it okay to like a guy 4 years older than you?


Can you marry a guy who is 8 years older than you?

As long as you're old enough to marry, it doesn't matter how much older than you the guy is. Your parents may not be impressed if you're only 16 though.

How do you get over a guy when your already with a guy other than him?

Just try to think of the your guy and if you can't get over the guy then see if he still likes you

How do you know when a guy is horny?

when the wife is not home and the babysitter is older than

Should the guy be older than the girl when dating?

No not necessarily - it is up to the couple.

Is it possible that you will marry you guy who is 4 years older than you?

it deffent on your socitey

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Is it bad if the guy you like is 12 years older than you?

It depends how old are you?

Why does this guy three years older than you keep looking at you?

he likes u