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You don't lol, they don't just go, you can't magick them away, if I were you (which i have been) just wait, chances are you both wont be with your partners forever, and if you do like each other so much, maybe it's not fair your both with other people. Give it some time, you might chose to be with each other instead

AnswerI don't think you can ever stop loving him if you truly love him. Don't deny your and his time will patient.
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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:22:51
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Q: How do you get over feelings you've had for a guy for 3 years if you think he feels the same but you're both not available?
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What do you do if you're 11-years-old and think a boy likes you?

If you like him in return you should tell him about your feelings! Good Luck!

Why do adults think that children do not have any feeling?

1. Why do you think that?2. I think adults believe that children will not remember their feelings after a few years so 'it doesn't matter'.

Why did she think Im cheating on her?

Maybe she feels insecure about her relationship with you, or was hurt in the past, or if you ever did cheat she either may have proof that you did or she just might have gut feelings, and those gut feelings are usually, 95% of the time, right. If you pull her aside to talk about it she can tell you how she feels about you and the relationship you guys are in, and may even express her past relationships and the pain she went through if you want to know. Then, she might be more trusting towards you, but don't severe that trust she has for you. It takes months or even years to truly get it back.

This girl and you have been really close friends for about 5 years now and during that time you have developed feelings for her How can you know if she has feelings for you?

You ask her how she feels about you. I'm going to be cheeky and give u a way. Play a game like spin the bottle of something, and ask her. She should tell you then... Cheers!

When two years have gone by he told me that he doesn't know how he feels yet but how do i know that hes going to ask me out?

don't think about it . if its been two years he's probably moved on.:}

You m in love with this guy for a year and so and whatever you do you can t get him out of mind he s all you think of you have not met yet and it s like you ve been known for years should he knows how?

i think if it s for more than a year you should have some clue of his feelings and the way he feels about you even though not you both met yet properly and feels like you are involved in a relationship with him most propably not meeting him yet has to do more with you than him since it seems that you are the one who is in trouble and in unwanted situation than him i get a sense also that he has been their for you all this time when you needed someone desperately to get you out of this misery and being forced situation you live in so keep telling him how you feel and all of your feelings if he does not feel the same then he ll ignore you and you should probably stop trouble him with your feelings

How do you know if you liked a guy when you were younger and its him 7 years later?

You think about your feelings for him and decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with hime. And most importantly if he likes John McCain... marry him! You think about your feelings for him and decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with hime. And most importantly if he likes John McCain... marry him! You think about your feelings for him and decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with hime. And most importantly if he likes John McCain... marry him! You think about your feelings for him and decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with hime. And most importantly if he likes John McCain... marry him!

Your friend still likes her ex after 2 years and now you like him she knows and she is telling you to go out with him but your scared to ask him and you dont want her to be mad. what do you do?

First off you should talk to him about it and see if the feelings you have for him are the same way he feels for you.

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How should a daughter feel if her parents are divorced and are getting remarried to other people?

The feelings that people have should not be determine by how they think they should feel, but how they really feel. How do you feel ? Only you can answer this and it is OK to have feelings about this. A divorce is a form of death because you loose people and a way of living. It takes about 2 years to work through the feelings on this matter. What you feel is what you feel. I suspect that your parents have been divorced for awhile since they are getting married again. It is hard to have a new person in your life and a new family. I learned this first hand after my father died and my mother remarried 4 years later. I was 50 years old and had to deal with it. I still don't particularly like him, but I do treat him with respect because of my mother. He treats her well and she isn't alone. This is something you will have to decide about the step parents and think about how your mother or father feels when you deal with the new person.

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Can he still have feelings after six months of not seen each other?

Sure. I have feelings for a girl I haven't seen in 50 years ... but so what.

When you are separated from your roommate it feels like a million years What does this mean?


How are you supposed to feel when you realize that you have feelings for a guy who is four years younger than you?

just feel normal 'cause its natural that we get attracted to those of years younger than us..even i am attracted/have feelings for are guy younger than me 5 years...who cares what other people think..if you like the guy than approach him/her..if you have the guts..or if your shy then just give hints to the guy so that he will be the one to make the move..

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1817 - 1825

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You have been divorced from your exhusband for 24 years but now have feelings for his brother can you have a future?

Depends on the brother . . . you don't have a future if the brother doesn't have feelings for you.

When you are unhappy in your marriage what do you do and you have been together for 20yrs?

To be with someone for 20 years is a long time. If you are unhappy in your marriage and your partner feels the same, you could try marriage counselling together. Both parties must be willing to admit to their feelings, deal with them and try to move on, together or apart.

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Would a 12 years old boy date a 10 years old boy?

if you have that type of feelings for a boy then you could

What do you do if your boyfriend of over 3 years breaks up with you because he feels distant from you when you're away at college but tells you when you come home things MIGHT work out?

I think you have a situation that you cannot fix--and shouldn't--until you finish college. In my time, many relationships changed when one partner went to college--just a whole different life--and it was tough for the one at home to hang in there. Tell him you are sad that he feels that way and if you are still available later you'll see. Then, go live your life and date if someone comes along.

If you still have feelings for a boyfriend you broke up with 20 years ago and it is taking over your life how do you find out if he has feelings for you?

== == * If you aren't in any sort of contact with him (on a friendship basis) then you have obsessed all these years as to what you think he is and 20 years is a long time and unhealthy for you to feel this way. You should have moved on years ago. He probably is married with children now and plans on staying that way unless you know something we don't know. What you are doing is very unhealthy and ruining your life. Please seek some counseling for this.

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