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Here are two opinions: * If that person is getting married to someone else, what makes you think they are in love with you? The only way I can see this being the case is if you live in a society where marriages are pre-arranged. * Live and Let Live. Mind your own business and realize you dropped the ball and someone else was smart enough to do what you didn't and pick it the ball and run with it. (smile)

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โˆ™ 2005-12-24 12:30:34
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Q: How do you get over someone who is perfect for you and loves you but is getting married to someone else?
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When will Taylor swift get married?

She will get married when she finds someone that she loves.

Is miley cyrus getting married to liam hemsworth?

No, but she still loves him...

Did Aphrodite love someone?

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Who is the perfect guy for you?

someone who loves you for who you are not how much money or how pretty you are but prettiness kind of counts.

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Why is aaron Johnson getting married?

Because he loves his girlfriend, obviously. Why else?!

Your wife told you she is gay now what?

You divorce her. You shouldn't be married to someone that doesn't love you back. In the end, everyone will be happier. You can find someone that actually loves you and she can find someone that she really loves.

How do you know if your boyfriend loves you so much then the problem is his just got married?

Well clearly he doesn't love you as much as he loves his wife since he married her and not you. And he is not your boyfriend if he is married. This relationship will never lead anywhere so ignore his words and move on. Doesn't matter if a married man loves you as long as he is married to someone else.

Did Amy know about sonic an Sally getting married?

no but she loves shadow so it does not matter

What do you do if you fall in love with a girl?

see if she loves u back. if she does, you could possibly talk about getting married (after you date). If not, look for someone else. There's probably a girl in love with you that you will love with time.

I am getting married and i don't want my husband to knew that i am not virgin is there any tricks for that?

If you are getting married, i think perhaps it would be best to tell your husband the true. If you are getting married to him , you should trust him compeltely - 100% and not keep such a big secret from him! He loves you- so he will understand.

Your Ex contacted you told you he loves you he is getting married in 2 weeks and now tels you to leave him alone?

I would just leave it alone. He is getting married in two weeks so there is not much you can do.

How do you handle to self when falls in love with guy already married but he loves me back?

You move on and find someone who is not married and stop being a homewrecker!

Why didn't Harry Potter and Hermione Granger get married?

They don't love each other that way. Harry loves Ginny and Hermione loves Ron. Unfortunately, because they are perfect for each other!

What age does Katniss ends up getting married to Peeta?

She technically says that she will marry him at 17, and then tells him she loves him at 18, but it never says for sure that she married him officially.

Is nick cutter married?

Gabriella Nobbs loves, loves Nicky and is married to him for the pat two months, she loves geckos

What is a perfect girl for Justin berfield?

It depends on who he likes (loves) not a fan but a lover someone who he can relate to on a deeper level more than his voice and looks. Someone who HE chooses!!!

What is the meaning of the song radiohead creep?

It is commonly said to be about someone who loves and wants someone that is 'out of their league'. The lyrics talk about how they are a creep and are weird when the person they love is perfect and special.

How do you know if he even thinks about getting married?

You will know because he will show you how much he loves you, He will ask you when you least expect it.

What to do when your husband loves you but you loves somebody else?

Well then you shouldn't have married him if he loved someone else! If you just found out he loved someone else, then talk about it with him and if its true, ground him from being with this other woman/man. If he still loves that person, i guess ya gotta get a divorce, sorry :(

What should you do when you are in love with a married man and he loves you?

* When you truly love someone nothing should keep you apart. He is playing his wife and you like a fine violin and getting the best of both. If you think there is a future with this married man then you are sadly mistaken. Tell him to hit the bricks! You deserve better.

What do you call someone who loves cheese?

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If someone who loves books is called a bibliophile What is someone who loves films called?

Someone who loves films can be referred to as a cinephile. This term is used in film theory, and refers to someone who loves, and typically studies film as well.

What do you call someone who loves reading?

A bibliophile is someone who loves to read. Otherwise, an avid reader or a bookworm could be used to describe someone who loves to read.

How do you move on from a lost relationship?

Find someone else that loves you and that you love, and fall in love, get married, have a lawnmower and some babies....:)

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