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To get over someone you think is right for you will never happen. As long as you convince yourself that your in love with this guy the longer your heart ache will stay with you. So my suggestion is to move on with your life and look for to the futher with out him. You dont ever get over that one person you thought was the one. But i have had an experience like this before. I thought he was everything.....he dumped me...told me I wasnt dateable.....I was devastated....but that was a year ago......and i found out where he is and where his life has taken him and to be honest its down a path im glad I didnt have to be there for. So know there is a reason for everything.....hope this helped a little. Barbie What we often think is the right person for us is not. If you have had other loves in your life think back ... I bet you thought they were the one for you too. Don't look on this as the end of your life and sitting around moping and wishing for things that may never be. There are reasons for things happening in our lives. Here's a short version of my story: I met and married my first husband and I thought the sun rose and set on him. I had eyes for no one else. Getting married was the clincher and stupidly I thought by getting married we belonged to each other (in reality we should have.) The long and short of it is, he turned out to be a womanizing cheat and not such a nice guy after all. I thought my heart would break in half because of the pain he caused me. When he became mentally/physically abusive I found the strength to just leave. I can't say it was a wonderful couple of months living alone and facing myself for the first time in a long while, and I felt so heart-broken and also felt like it had been all my fault. Eventually I really did begin to love my new found freedom and changed jobs, met more friends, had a blast and eventually was introduced to my 2nd husband and we have been happily married for 33 years. The point I'm making is I thought my first husband was the one I loved and would love the rest of my life no matter what happened, yet it's sometimes in the cards we move on and there you have it ... someone way better and someone that loves you for you and wants nothing but to make you happy comes out of nowhere. Good luck Marcy i guess you cant if it is love.but if you could make your heart convince that there may be another person who might be more caring and convincing than the one you had been previously with it can workout a little.but may be you cannot forge him/her completely.the best way is to accept the reality.but it takes time for sure. ==New Answer Headline== I don't think you should let the person go if you know they are the right person for you.

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Q: How do you get over someone who you were with for a year when you know in your heart that they are the right one for you?
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I think you know that you have made the right choice when you have become no accepting to your circumstances. When you have realized that no matter what choice you have made theres a chance that it may not work out but its still what you wanted and just hope for the best. Nothing is promised in this world but you still have to have faith. Im not sure whats your belief in the divinity, but there is someone or something out there watching over you. You just have t o follow your heart...when you dont you listen you just might hear something. Never be afraid of a choice you made you have one life to live. And the complete answer to your question is you know when you made the right choice when in your heart there is no complete doubt. Your heart sends you a coplete message of security. If your heart is still tellin you not to do something just weigh out the options and see what ways out more the pros or the cons.

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