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The truth is you can't get over someone. Especially if you're in the same class with them. Especially if you've tried to pick out their bad points. Especially if you've tried to like other guys. NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK.

2006-08-07 09:23:39
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What is a high school flame?

An "old flame" is someone a person dated in the past. A "high school flame" would be someone a person dated in high school.

How much money does a high school teacher earn in australia?

Around 80k a year depending on how long youve been in the business.looking foward to it.

Who earns high school diploma?

"Someone who earns a high school diploma is a person who has graduated from high school."

Is it proper grammar to say that someone graduated high school?

No. It is proper to say someone graduated FROM high school. You can't eliminate "from."

Do they have spirit week in high school?

It mostly depends on the high school, talk to someone who goes to the school in question.

What is a reason for someone to avoid their high school reunion?

The might of had problems with people in High School.

Where can someone purchase a yearbook from Herndon High School?

Someone can purchase a Herndon High School yearbook from Herndon High school. They may still have extras in storage or create and order one just for you.

How old do you have to be to go to the homecoming dance?

usually it depends on the high school but if you go to a middle/high school you most likely you have to be invited by someone in high school ;)

What do you call someone who has completed high school?

High school grad. There is no title given to a person with only high school . In today's world that is the barely an education.

Can someone join CSF if they are a Junior in high school?

Can someonw joing CSF if they are going to be a Junior in High school?

What is the fastest high school 400 meter race?

49 second was done by someone in my high school for the 400m

How long can someone stay in high school in new york state?

How long can a person stay in high school

Can someone get in the NFL with a high school diploma?


What is a promdate?

someone you take to a dance in high school

Can you go to job corps even if you have a high school diploma?

if someone have a high school diploma can igo to job corps

Where to find proof someone graduated high school?

Go to the school or call the school from which they graduated and ask them.

Is it all right if you are in junoir high to date someone in high school?

I think so.

In high school football does the defense have to touch someone to be offsides?


What is the minimum age at which someone can earn a high school diploma?

There is no minimum age for when someone can receive a high school diploma. It is extremely rare to receive one below 15, however.

How much money would someone make with a high school diploma?

how the hell am i supposed to know? im still in high school!!!

Age of high school musical?

Technically,someone can't put an age on High School Musical. But, there have been 3 movies.

Where in Atlanta GA is someone hiring with no high school diploma is required?

There are plenty jobs hiring in Atlanta with no high school diploma!

What high school did nicholas Copernicus graduate from?

he graduated at cathedral school in 1956 from someone hahaha

What high school courses should someone take in high school to become a neonatologist?

== == There are few courses in high school that will help with becoming a neonatologist. Biology will be most helpful, along with math classes.

What schools offer a online high school diploma?

There are many options for someone who wishes to get their high school diploma online. One such program is, an accredited program that offers a high-school diploma.