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2006-09-01 20:46:11
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Why do students bully?

bullys bully because they want attention. And sometimes because they get bullied or beat by someone else. Not just because they want attention.

Why would someone say things that happened to someone else happened to them?

because they are attention seeking and stupid.

How do you listen actively?

listening actively means you are giving someone all of your attention and questioning them how they feel about the situation/what they did/offering advice etc.

What is opposite of warn?

Not paying attention because warn means to alert but how can you alert someone or something if you aren't paying attention?

How can a family member with mental issues be admitted into a mental hospital involuntarily?

Someone with a mental health issue can only be admitted involuntarily if he/she is a danger to him/herself or others (if he or she is going to hurt someone) unless he/she is admitted.

How do someone handle the situation that cause someone to be absent at work?

It doesn't get answered because the Boss caused the problems.

What does it mean to flag down someone?

It means to get someone's attention because help is needed.

Who is the center of attention?

The center of attention is a term typically used to refer to people who like attention, which is evidenced by their words, actions, and often times charisma. For example, you might consider Paris Hilton to be the center of attention in the gossip world as she actions typically draw attention to her. A coworker might be the center of attention because they are opinionated, or dramatic, or charismatic, or boisterous. A person who is the center of attention may also be labeled as such due to their position or status in the workplace or in the nation, IE Barack Obama is the center of attention, not necessarily because of his words, actions, or charisma, but because the citizens of the U.S. and potentially the world look to him for answers. Finally, a person who is the center of attention can be someone who isn't necessarily looking to be the center of attention, but are that way because of a particular situation. For example, at a birthday party, the birthday person is the center of attention because people gather at the party to celebrate their birthday, however the birthday person's actions, words, or charisma may not be the primary reason they are the center of attention.

What is the meaning of admitted?

It means to confess to someone about something or allow someone into a place.

What do you do if you have a crush on someone but they hardly know you?

try and get their attention, even if its something like shouting something rememberable out while you are near them, then the will start to know uou bettwr. maybe even try and get in an 'accidental' situation with them to get furhter attention

Why do you feel so alone when someone you love is gone?

because you feel that love and attention is missing

Do we say Pay your attention or draw your attention?

We say "draw your attention," and we tell someone to "pay attention," not "pay your attention."

What is required GPA score to get into Harvard?

A 4.0 is good enough, but try to get a 5.0 because someone with a slightly higher grade can get admitted.

How do you get over someone your in love with because they don't love you back?

You will have to find someone else to take interest in. I would know because I was just in that situation not to long ago.

Why is sacrifice the deepest expression of Love?

because someone puts themselves in a situation in which they could loose everything, all for someone else.

How do you avoid attention?

To avoid attention, you should not dress like someone who wants attention. For example, someone who wants attention might wear studded belts or the newest fashion. Just be yourself!

Tell me about a problem or difficult situation you have had with someone or your supervisor What was the outcome?

a problem or difficult situation you have had with someone

What is closet gay?

It is a term for someone who has not come out and admitted they are gay.

What does an attention line mean?

it is something that someone says to get your attention, in a letter!

What is it called when someone craves attention?

An attention-seeker and/or insecure person.

What do you understand by attention to detail?

Many employers want to hire someone that has a great attention to detail. They don't want to hire someone that doesn't pay attention to what they are doing.

What is dramatic situation?

A dramatic situation is one where emotions are really played up. Someone who throws a fit and throws a soup bowl across the room just because it has one carrot in it is a dramatic situation.

Who hate Mindless Behavior?

i really think nobody does but out there in the world someone do but they might not admitted it but i know i don't because i LOVE Princeton from mindless behavior

What is the word or phrase for when someone makes a situation seem smaller than it is?

When someone makes a situation seem smaller than it is we say they are minimizing the situation, or minimizing the problem. To minimize the situation is the opposite of exaggerating it.

Can someone with a bmi of 17.7 be admitted to hospital?

Yes, a person with a BMI of 17.7 could be admitted to the hospital. A 17.7 BMI is considered underweight.