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Many people associate the grieving process with death, but it comes in all forms:

Splitting up from a boyfriend/girlfriend Broken engagements Weddings that never hit the altar Friend(s) or family turning on you House fires Floods and tornados Runaway children Parent desertion Even giving up drugs or alcohol or a gambling habit Any trauma The loss of a dear pet

You are in a grieving process because you obviously still love this person. Does the hurt go away? Yes it does in time. Take a couple of weeks to reflect on what was, then as hard as it is start getting out with friends, go take extra courses at college, join a gym, go on a trip, etc. Start getting back out in society because there is that special someone out there, but you have to be out there to meet them!

Good luck Marcy

Marcy, you are right I was an enabler.I feel like such a fool to have put up with such horrible treatment. As of today, I ended all friendhips with people that knew him. I told them I have to in order to heal and move on. I changed my phone number as well. I feel its for the best. Thanksyou for being so painfully honest.

I hate to say it.. but it will take time. People cope with loss in lots of different ways. Try to focus your mind on something you enjoy, or maybe even focus on others in a positive way.

I am so proud of you! I know it hurts, but take piece in the fact that there are many of us out there that have experienced this hurt and we survived. Good for you! The other poster is correct and there are different healing times for different people, but we have just got to keep on strokin'.

NEVER feel ashamed for this one little bit! You did nothing wrong, but give your heart and kindness. There are always people that will abuse this be it lover or friend or an acquaintance, but don't change who you are because of it.

Good luck hon Marcy

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Q: How do you get over the pain after ending the relationship?
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