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I cannot stress enough it's important to leave your past behind. There is nothing wrong with keeping in touch with one or two ex's periodically, but if you love the person you're with why the need for keeping in touch with ex's? There is no need! I have male friends and my husband has female friends and we even have them over for dinner, but that's a lot different than having dated these people. I also was divorced before and I didn't keep bringing up my ex and I simply moved on because that was then and this is now! It isn't a matter of trust, but a matter of considering your partners feelings. Marcy You need to communicate with your boyfriend and tell him it bothers you that he's always talking about his ex girlfriends ... that was then and this is now! If he works or goes to school or college and can't help bumping into some of them there is nothing wrong with a quick hello. However, it's crass to keep bringing them up to you and he's not the brightest bulb in the box by doing so. There is no way he can't understand that this hurts your feelings and it leaves a heavy cloud hanging over your relationship. This guy is egotistical and you need to bring him down to size. Don't act like a jealous shrew, but ask him one question, "how would you like it if I was bumping into old boyfriends and kept talking about them?" If he's arrogant he may tell you it wouldn't bother him and that's when you tell him you don't expect him not to say hello to the odd ex girlfriend if he should bump into them, but it's time for him to grow-up, quit being so self-important and if he can't leave the past behind you sure can! Move on! He's playing head games. Good luck Marcy THAT ONE IS A HARD ONE. THATS A TRUST ISSUE FOR SOME PEOPLE. I AM FRIENDS WITH ALL OF MY EX BOYFRIENDS THERE ARE TIMES THAT WE HANG OUT, TALK ON THE PHONE. THATS AS FAR AS IT GOES. IF HE HAS NOT GIVEN YOU ANY REASON NOT TO TRUST HIM YOU SHOULDNT HAVE ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

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Q: How do you get over your boyfriend's relationships with some of his ex-girlfriends when he still talks to some of them every day?
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