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To be honest time is what it's going to take to get over him I know what you're going through me and my ex have been broken up for over a year and we were together four years and we still have mad love for each other we are in the process of trying to get back together so I guess what I really should tell you is if you love him and you really love him and you feel like you gotta chance take it you may never stop thinking about him but for the time being maybe you should try to talk to someone else or just get out and mingle with other people to help you get over your ex but really it's going to take time time heals all things and prayer does too!!

The first thing you must do is avoid him. Once your brain is not getting input and feedback on him, pretty soon it will find other avenues to channel its energy. If you don't see, talk or ask anyone about him you will become bored of going over the same old things in your head. But if you continue to hang on it will just drag it out.Also get out and meet men. That's another way to replace the thoughts of him. I think it takes about 6 months then your over the worst then after that it dwindles quicker and quicker to indifference.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:23:26
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Q: How do you get over your ex-boyfriend of 2 and a half years when you still love him and can't stop thinking about him?
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