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How do you get paint off vinyl floors?

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If it's water soluable, wipe if with a wet cloth, if not, try paint thinner. If the paint is dry...(which by now, I'm sure it is!!!), try using a utility knife blade CAREFULLY!

MAMAMAY SAYS: for water based paint if it is already dry then paint thinner will only smudge it around. Boil a pot of water on the stove, and pour over area. While that sets in boil another pot. Buy mr clean extra strength magic erasers and dip it into the boiling water and quickly scub vigorously in one small area while its hot. Redip and repeat.Where a glove to avoid being burned. A fingernail scaping on little tough spots works better then a knife blade. This is very time consuming but it is working for me slowly but surely. Nothing else has helped in my experience.

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How do you remove latex paint from vinyl siding?

You can use a product that is called Goof Off to get latex paint off of vinyl siding. You cannot use paint thinner or abrasives because they can scar or damage the siding.

How do you get paint off wood floors?

Use a knife and scrape it off

What type of paint will paint on vinyl?

You need special vinyl paint.

What is the difference between oil paint and vinyl paint?

painting of oil is called oil paint and painting of vinyl is called vinyl paint

Can vinyl paint be used to paint the vinly straps on patio chairs that have faded?

can vinyl paint be used to paint vinyl straps on patio chairs

How do you get oil based paint off vinyl?

Rub it with some thinners on a rag.

How do you remove paint from wood floors?

To remove paint from wood floors you can use a blow dryer to heat the paint. Next get a rubber scraper to scrape the paint off. Continue alternating between the scraper and the dryer until all of the paint is removed.

How do you get paint off laminate floors?

Try to use some organic solution like gasoline to wipe paint off laminate flooring.

How do you remove latex paint from vinyl window trim?

Rub it off with a rag dipped in Goof Off.

What are some good colors to paint vinyl siding of a house?

One thing you should know is that at this point there is not one paint company that guarantees their paint staying on vinyl siding. Generally if the vinyl siding is looking dingy you can get a power washer and clean them off to look basically new again. If you would like to learn the best way to paint on vinyl siding I would check out

How do you get latex paint off a vinyl jacket?

A little soap and water and the rub of a cloth.

How to get paint off of vinyl flooring?

turpentine if its water based, if its not water based your out of luck.

Can you paint over vinyl?

You can get paints specifically for vinyl.

What paint can be used to cover vinyl covered dry wall?

Vinyl or plastic based paint.

Can the shark steam mop be used on vinyl floors?

Ceramic & Vinyl are the ideal floors for using the Shark steamer. NEVER on wood and probably not on Laminate.

Removal of a vinyl bra that is glued to car and cracked from the sun How do you do it?

get in behind it an scrape the paint off with it. if its glued on your not getting it off with out ruining and/or taking some paint off any way

Can you paint upholstery?

you can paint anything, however, if you paint a fabric it will most likely dry stiff and little bits will be coming off for a long time. leather and vinyl can be painted with vinyl dye, usually sold at auto parts stores, but it won't last forever, it can scratch and rub off eventually, but then you just paint it again.

Vinyl Paint?

form_title= Vinyl Paint form_header= Paint with vinyl paint. How many cans of paint do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} What color paint do you need?*= _[50] What type of finish would you like?*= _[50]

Can you paint vinyl shutters?

Krylon Spray Paints -- Krylon paint molecularly bonds to plastic / vinyl

Can vinyl paint be used on vinyl patio furniture?

Yes, it can.

What type of paint will work on vinyl fabric?

vinyl dye.

What is the best type of paint to use to paint over a vinyl decking material such as Duradek?

There is NO type of paint OR stain that will work effectively on vinyl decking. If you want a quality job it's necessary to take off the vinyl and re-surface the wood before staining it.

How do you get paint off of hardwood floors?

If you have oil based paint on your hardwood floor, spray on WD-40 and wipe up with a paper towel. It comes right off!

How do you get dried latex paint off of wood floors?

Try using hot soapy water and a non-abrasive scrubby pad. This is how I removed dried latex paint drops from my own wood floors.

Can nail polish remover be used to remove old latex paint from vinyl covered metal without damaging the vinyl?

No. But you should be able to scrape it off.

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