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Q: How do you get pass nursury room in luigi's mansion?
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Where is the washer in luigis mansion?

probably in the laundry room

Where is marios letter in luigis mansion?

In the birdhouse on the outside of the mansion by the rec room.

Where is marios paper located in Luigis Mansion?

in the washing room

Where is mario's hat in the luigis mansion?

in the room just north to the butlers room, its in the washer

Where are marios boots in luigis mansion?

in the twins room once you beat the twins.

Where are all the boos in luigis mansion?

One boo is in every room but sometimes two boo's are in a room

What do you do in the guest room on luigis mansion?

your suck up sue pea by sprinkling water on her bed

How do you turn on the lights in the breaker room in luigis mansion?

Go up to the switch and press the "A" button. That should turn on the lights.

What floor is the wardrobe room on in luigis mansion?

it is on the third floor then go threw the parlor roon then go threw the anteroom

How do you get out of the sealed room in luigis mansion?

There's a cloth in the rear of the room hiding a mirror. Like all the mirrors in the game, scanning it warps you back to the foyer.

How do you find the fortune telles room in luigis mansion?

yes you can because there is a room just for the fortune teller. She's a portrait ghost and you'll have to vaccum her. So she's a white pearl

Where is the rec room in luigis mansion?

Go in the garden where the well is go down the well to find Mario the go in to the shed to save toad finally the REC ROOM is on the far right door!

Where 2 are marios stuff on luigis mansion?

The Letter is in the birdhouse in the courtyard The Hat is in the washing machine in the Laundry Room The Glove is in the Twins' Room the Shoe is in the Cinema And the star is at the end of the shiny trail in the Observatory.

How do you defeat the man in the dinning room in luigis mansion?

i Think you suck the food he throws at you and throw it not quite sure i havnt played it in years :o

When you get to the dining room luigis mansion what do you do?

Once in the dining room, vacuum up his food. Take out the waiters as they come by. When his foods gone, he'll get angry and spit fireballs at you. When he gets tired, you can see his heart, then you strike!

Madame clairvoya in luigis mansion?

You must find these 5 Items: Marios Hat: Washer in the Wash room Marios glove: Projector room Marios Letter: Courtyard Marios Star: Shoot the moon is the observatory Marios Shoe:Twins Room

In luigis mansion were do you go when the power goes out?

go to the wardrobe room and turn around from the mirror to see uncle greemy and then go to the basement to turn the lights on using the breaker which is the generator on the right

Where is the butler's room in luigis's mansion?

when you go through the door in the foyer on the 1st floor go left until you reach another door go inside that room and the door on the other side of the big shelf go thru that door nd that's the butlers room i probably didnt help cuz i couldn't explain it

Where is the projection room in Luigi's mansion?

on the first floor of the mansion across from Melody's room when entering this room you are in the billiards room and you must walk to the right to the door to enter the projection room

How do you get inside that room blocked off by a maid in the backlot mansion?

in platinum you can't get past there either. But the maid on the Left side of the mansion... Well i will let you discover what she does. *She does not let you pass though. But just, talk to her*

Where do you find the wardrobe room in luigi's mansion?

The Wardrobe room is the 3rd room you visit inside the mansion. To get to it simply go through the Parlor room, then head through the Anteroom and then you will arrive at the Wardrobe room.

Where is the chainsaw in Xbox party mansion?

in a room

When was luigi's mansion game room of doom come out?

there will be a luigi's mansion 2 but it won't be called room of doom/ room of doom is a fan made trailer on sorry

What is the setting for the reptile room?

the setting is in a countryside which is in a mansion with a room, Reptile room with mostly snakes.

Where is mario's glove in luigi's mansion?

it is in the projection room which is on the right of the billiards room