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You need to get the Poke Flute from Pokemon Tower in Lavendar Town. Mr. Fuji has it on the top floor of Pokemon Tower. Play the Poke Flute in front of Snorlax and he will attack in a grumpy rage xD

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How do you get past the sleeping Snorlax in Pokemon Yellow?

Get the flute

Where can you find the fly hm on Pokemon Yellow?

Behind Celadon department store, to the right, just past the snorlax

How do you get past snorlax in pokemon leafgreen?

You will first get the poke flute and then use it to Snorlax.

How do you get past the Snorlax in Pokemon LeafGreen?

go get a Pokemon flute

How do you get past Snorlax on pokemon firered?

get the pokeflute.

How do you get the Snorlax out of the way in Pokemon Yellow?

You get the pokeflute first.

How many Snorlax are there in Pokemon Yellow?

just one

How do you get past the Snorlax in vermillion city?

you have to have a Pokemon flute

How do you get past the sleeping Snorlax on Pokemon?

Use the pokeflute.

How do you get past the Snorlax by the cycling road in Pokemon fire red?

stuff you snorlax i have been playing for 7 months and cant get past him

What does the yellow flute do Pokemon Red?

Stand infront of a Snorlax and play it, it will wake Snorlax up and you will battle him.

What does the yellow flute do on Pokemon FireRed?

it allows you to move snorlax

How do you move the Snorlax in Pokemon Yellow?

Pokeflute, which you get from lavender town

How do you get past Snorlax in Pokemon brown?

Use the Poke Flute

How do you catch Snorlax in Pokemon Yellow?

in order to get a snorlax you need to get a pokeflute from the Pokemon tower with oll the dead Pokemon in it.{in lavender tower}.then you can go get a will get on your nerves with its rest attack.hope this helped

What big tower in lavender town?

Lavender town is in Pokemon red, blue, yellow, firered leafgreen. NOT GOLD. also the tower in LAVENDER IS POKEMON TOWER. Defeat it to get pokeflute to get past snorlax

How do you wake up Snorlax in yellow?

Get the pokeflute from Mr. Fuji in Pokemon tower.

Where is Snorlax in Pokemon Yellow?

sleeping on route 12 (unless you already woke it)

Where is Snorlax located in Pokemon Yellow?

There are two Snorlaxs in Pokemon yellow. One is located south of Lavender Town and the other is located east of Celadon City. In order to battle either Snorlax you will need the Poke flute.

How do you past Snorlax in Pokemon LeafGreen?

After defeating Team Rocket in Lavender Town Pokemon Tower, you will be taken to Mr. Fuji's house. There he will give you the poke flute, which can be played to wake Snorlax up. When awoken it will battle you; be prepared, Snorlax is a powerful pokemon and you don't want to miss your chance to catch it. From there it's a simple matter of catching or defeating Snorlax to move past him in the game.

Where is Snorlax in pokemon leafgreen?

He is the sleeping pokemon blocking the entrance to cycling road and past vermillion city

How do you get pass Snorlax in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need the Poke Flute to get past Snorlax. You get the Poke Flute after rescuing Mr. Fuji from Team Rocket at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon Yellow?

get Silph Scope -> get Mr. Fuji from Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town -> get PokeFlute from Mr. Fuji -> stand near Snorlax and chose it from your bag

How do you get past Snorlax in Pokemon Heart Gold?

To get past snorlax on heartgold you need to get the power back on then go to the Kanto raido tower and get the radio get up graded by the man with the hat then go to snorlax and play the pokeflute on the pokegear by moving the circle to the top.When you battle snorlax kill him or catch him.

Pokemon soulsilver Kanto how to get past Snorlax?

go to your pokegear and put the crircle on the top

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