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If you have children it may be better for them that you two divorce as amicably as possible, rather than be in an unhappy home. Even if you are going to counseling, if you are not happy in this marriage, in the long run the situation will not improve.

The liberated opinion: "get a divorce." You ever wonder why this country is so messed up?

Work on the problems. Work at it ... don't give up!

Stop it right now. Stop thinking about the past. You have a future. Everyday is a new day to start fresh and new. You need to start thinking about the positive versus the negative. It is so easy to hate and dewell in the neg. You have to make the best of what you have. Change can start with you. You just have to work at it. Start loving you and then loving your partner. Everybody goes through thing in their life good and bad it up to us to make life wonderful. Even people we love dearly hurt us sometime, but we have to forgive and move on. Try it and you will see.


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