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You have to find his friend, which is in the cabin next to yours. Your cabin is all the way to the right.

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Q: How do you get past the guy downstairs in the ss aqua ship in soulsilver?
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How do you get through the SS Aqua in Pokemon soulsilver?

To get through the SS Aqua, you must first start out by being onboard the ship. Then, start walking around the ship until you find an old man who says his daughter is lost somewhere on the ship. Find his daughter, play hide-and-go-seek with her, and then the ship will dock at Vermilion city.

How do you get past team aqua in slateport?

When you get to Slateport city, enter the ship building and go straight till you see a man, talk to him and Team Aqua should be in the museum now.

What is the upstairs and downstairs of a ship called?

Lower and upper deck

How do you find team aqua in the abandoned ship?

They're not in there

How do you get past team aqua in slateport in emerald Pokemon?

First talk to one of the mecanics in the ship building place. He will tell you to find Cap. Stern. Then go to the museum and talk to Cap. Stern that is on the upper floor. Two Team Aqua members will arrive. You will need to defeat them. Then the Team Aqua leader arrives and talks. Leave and Team Aqua will be gone.

What town is the ship in for Pokemon SoulSilver?

olivian town

What do you do with rockhoppers key in club penguin?

You Go to rockhopper's ship and then you go downstairs of the ship and there will be a room and it will let you in only if you have the key.

How do you get past team aqua in Pokemon Sapphire when they are guarding the museum?

You have to give the Devon Goods to the guy in the ship building. Not the docking area, but the gray building by the old lady on the road.

How do you get past the Team Aqua in Lily-cove in Pokemon Emerald?

You have to give the scanner to the prof. who makes ships and then team aqua will show up inside the ship house something and go inside the submarine then go to lily-cove city then go to the city sower.

What is the past participle of ship?

ship is a regular verb so the past and past participle are both shipped.

How do you get gym leaders phone numbers in soulsilver?

You must search in various places. I have 2 gym leaders phone numbers, Clair and Sabrina. Clair's in dragons den on fridays and Sabrina's at the Fast ship S.S. aqua dock on saturdays.

Where did pirates sleep on their ships?

They slept downstairs in the ship but they slept on the floor or small beds you put on poles

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