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you need to fight them to get past

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Were can you find a lumbre on Pokemon diamond?

route 212 and route 229

Where can you get a Scyther in Pokemon diamond?

In Route 229.

How do you get to route 228?

well,you have 2 get the national have to go to the fight area and go 2 route230. travel past there after you get past the water, youll be at route 229.go upward and there is route 228. p.s. bring really powerful,like lvl 55-60,the trainers are vert tough

Where can you find oddish in Pokemon Pearl?

You find them at Route 229 and on the island in Route 230.

Where to catch pidgey in Pokemon Platinum?

at route 229

Where do you get the reaper cloth?

resort area or route 229.

How do you catch ariados?

Route 229 (Night) (DPPt)

How do you find volbeat in Pokemon Pearl?

Volbeat will be at route 229!!!

Where is the ribbon society on diamond?

in the Resort area on route 229

Where do you find a nuzleaf in Pokemon platinum?

route 229 (8%)

Can you find schther in pokemon diamond?

It's in Route 229.

Pokemon platinum how to go to route 229?

Go north of Resort area, and south of route 228

How do you get a venomoth in Pokemon Diamond and pearl?

# Go to Route 229 and use the Pokemon Radar. # Go to Route 229 and use the Pokemon Radar to catch a Venonat. Level it up to level 31.

How do you catch scyther in pokemon diamond?

You can catch Scythed on route 229.

How do you get to wake the 5th gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

route 229

How do you get beldum on Pokemon platinum?

Beldum Is Located At Route 220-229.

Where do you find Pidgey in platinum?

Route 229 (North of the Resort Area)

How do you catch venonat on Pokemon platinum?

Venonat are extremely rare on Route 229.The easiest way is to breed it isent you breed a venamoth then you get a venonat but it is extrmly rare to find on route 229 hope this helps :)

What Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Diamond with Pokemon Ruby in the game slot?

seedot route 203/4 nuzleaf route 229

Where do you get scyther in Pokemon Diamond?

Scyther can be found, albeit rarely, on Route 229.

Where are the regis caves?

all i know is regirock & he is found north of route 229

How do you get ledyba in Pokemon pearl?

You have to breed a Ledian, which is found on route 229 in the morning.

Where to find a pidgey in Pokemon diamond?

Pal park or swarm in route 229.

Where do you find Scyther in Pokemon Diamond?

Scyther can be found (rarely) on Route 229.

Were can you get pidgy on Pokemon platinum?

Pidgey can be found in Route 229 in Pokemon Platinum.

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