How do you get pictures from your Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman to your computer?

You'll need Sony Ericsson PC Suite installed on your computer. Google it, it's free.

You also need a connector cord. Plug your phone into one end of the cord, and plug your computer into the other end. Open up Sony Ericsson PC Suite, and there's a little icon that should turn green when your computer realizes that your phone is plugged in. On your phone, click on "Phone Mode." Then, on Sony Ericsson PC Suite, click on "File Transfer." On the left side is your phone, on the right side is your computer. On the phone side, click on either Phone or Memory Card (Depending on where your photos are) and click on "DCIM." Then there should be another folder that has a bunch of numbers and letters (On mine, it says "100MSDCF." Click on that. Then all of your photos are there. To put them on your computer, go to the folder you want them to be put on on the computer/left side of the screen. Then select all your photos (Drag a box around them, press CTRL+A, or use Shift+Click to select them all) and press the arrow facing to the left. A window will pop up that will show the progress of the transfer. When the window goes away, the pictures are on your phone!! <3