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The most surefire way, to get tree sap/pitch out of hair is orange pumice hand cleaner. cover the affected area with the hand cleaner and massage it into the hair, dont be afraid to use plenty. let it sit for a few minutes rinse hair, then cover the area with conditioner. let sit for a few minutes then rinse. and now you are sap free. == == == == == == I have heard that peanutbutter works. But from expierence, today actually, plain butter works in your hair also. Wash it out and put some shampoo or conditioner in it, wash that out, and your ready to go. Isopropyl alcohol. Gasoline works very good, but stinks to high heaven. You can also have a friend cut the offending strands out. CAREFULLY. Plain butter works great also works for getting it off your skin but you have to scrubb it a little. nail polish remover works, scrub down with that until you can get a comb through your hair (be careful, don't force it), at this point your hair might feel more waxy than anything, so just shampoo and condition and the waxy feeling will go away. If you dont have time to get the sap out of your hair right away, put some loose powder (make-up powder, baby powder etc) in the section, that way the sap won't stick to anymore hair than it already has.

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Q: How do you get pine sap out of your hair?
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