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bleach, color safe it isn't completely white.

2006-08-15 04:07:36
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Are there pink coins on Temple Run?

no only red yellow and blue.

What is something funny you shout that starts with the letter A?

"Anyone want to see something pink!" Although you do run the risk of being arrested for indecent exposure.

How do you get an Amy chao in SADX without Action Replay or Gameshark?

There are 2 ways to get that kinda look like a Amy chao - 1st way The old Amy rose from the old sonic series you buy a pink egg or a shiny pink egg and make it neautral Run/Run and it will look like the Amy from the old sonic series. -2nd way Get a red egg or shiny red egg Give it 2 skelton dogs and give it either a pink or shiny pink egg shell and have the chao wear it and it will look like Amy a little bit (Amy has a red dress and boots so that's why a red or shiny red chao and Amy has pink hair so that's why a shiny or regular pink eggshell) (i don't like this one)

Can I run laundry equipment 440V 60hz 3 pH on a 480V 60Hz system?

This should not be a problem but check with the manufacturer of the laundry equipment to be certain.

How fast do red Pandas run?

red panda run

When you do laundry the toilet bubbles then overflows?

I run to one of my trucks get a snake and clear the blockage

Run something past you or run something pass you?


What is a Hink Pink Hasty run?

rash dash

How do you be Amy rose on Club penguin?

Step 1. Get the pink wig(Still here click on the beak of the penguin with the rescue badge). Step 2.Get a pink/red dress and turn dark/light pink or peach. Step 3. Get a shovel and use it as a Piko Piko Hammer and bring it hammer to the head! Step 4. Run around super fast(not that fast) smash ppl and run after Sonic!

What are the release dates for Run My Renovation - 2010 Awesome Arcade and Basement Laundry Room 2-7?

Run My Renovation - 2010 Awesome Arcade and Basement Laundry Room 2-7 was released on: USA: 19 May 2011

What is the worst thing in Red Dead Redemption?

The fact that as soon as you do something bad, you've always gotta run away.

Which answer option is the best way to correct this run-on sentence Miranda couldn't believe her eyes there was a chameleon in the laundry basket.?

Miranda couldn't believe her eyes; there was a chameleon in the laundry basket.

Is it possible to run a dryer to do laundry off a car battery with no problem?

No, the battery connected to an inverter would not have near enough power to run a dryer.

What is the duration of The Hills Run Red?

The duration of The Hills Run Red is 1.48 hours.

Hink pink - hasty run?

rash dash

When was Red Run Covered Bridge created?

Red Run Covered Bridge was created in 1866.

How muchdoes the equipment cost to run a laundry mat?


How do you remove dried deoderant stains?

You should try aerosol hair spray, spray it on and then run it through the laundry.

How can I unclog my laundry washer?

To unclog the laundry washer first check the lint screen located under the agitator. The check all hose connections. Be sure that the hose is allowing gravity to control the run off.

How many drivers run red lights?

On average 4/20 peopel run the red lights

What are the colors of the rocks on Temple Run?

pink with orange polka dots

What is the hink-pink for when you run to the bank to quickly get some holiday shopping money you make a?

The hink-pink for 'when you run to the bank to quickly get some holiday shopping money, you make a' is 'Cash-Dash'.

How do you get mildew smell out out of washing machine?

Run a load of laundry. It might help to use a detergent with "color safe bleach" or run a load of whites with real chlorine bleach.

How do you start a laundry shop?

First when starting a laundry shop, you will need to consider the location. It is essential that you find a bigger space where you can place your laundry equipments and accommodate the laundries. You can start with a pair of washer and dryer if you have a minimum budget. After gaining many customers in the long run, then that's the time for you to buy additional equipments.

Examples of run-on sentences?

My favorite color is pink, but i hate the color brown.My favorite color is pink. I hate the color brown.