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There is nothing you can take to cancel the injection so you just have to wait it out.


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not unless you stop your injection

The Depo Provera injection lasts for 13-15 weeks. After that, you could get pregnant.

No there is not an injection to cancel the depo injection you have o wait out the whole 12 weeks.After the injection wheres off it may take up to 12 months even loger for your menstrual cycle to come back and for you to fall pregnant.

Yes, it is possible. The Depo injection is 99% effective, but there is always that small 1% chance that you could become pregnant while on it. However, most women who have gotten pregnant while on the depo injection is because they waited too long to get their next depo injection so it was no longer effective. If you are on this type of birth control, remember to get your shots on time. Also remember that while the shot helps prevent pregnancy, it does not protect against STDs in any way.

There is no harm in missing a Depo Provera injection as long as you are OK with getting pregnant, or are using an alternative method. YOu can restart Depo at any time.

Yes, you can get pregnant even if using Depo Provera perfectly, although the risk is very low. If you miss your injection, you could get pregnant more easily.

If you are on time for your Depo Provera injection, pregnancy is not likely. Spotting or bleeding on Depo Provera is a side effect, not a sign of pregnancy.

If you get the injection early, there are no worries. If you're more than two weeks late, you could get pregnant.

If you are not getting your Depo Provera injection at least every 13 to 15 weeks, you could get pregnant.

If you want to get pregnant, don't get another injection of Depo Provera. You may be able to conceive right after it wears off, or it may take up to 18 months. The average is 11 months.

You can rely on the Depo Provera shot for pregnancy protection through the entire period between injections as long as you are on time for each shot.

Pregnancy on Depo Provera is not likely, but you can get pregnant before you have a period after stopping Depo Provera. Most accidental pregnancies with Depo happen because the patient is late for her next injection, so be sure to keep on schedule and to have a backup method and emergency contraception on hand.

There's a range of time to get your next injection in order to have continuous protection from depo provera . If you get the next injection later than this range, you could get pregnant.

It usually takes 6-18 months after stopping Depo Provera.

There is no such thing as a Depo Provera pill.

There is no special risk of pregnancy on Depo Provera just because you're bleeding. If you get the shots on time, you are protected equally when you're bleeding and when you're not.

If you have the implant inserted before your last Depo Provera injection runs out, there is no increased risk of pregnancy while switching from one to the other.

Yes, you can get a depo provera injection as early as 10 weeks after the last one.

The depo provera injection is a white, milky color. You should be able to see this in the shot before they give it to you. If it is not a white milky color, make sure to confirm with the doctor that it is in fact the depo provera injection.

If you have not ever in your life had a period then no but if you have had your period before then yes it is VERY possible

I was on the depo for 3 months wich is one injection back in Sep09' and its now Feb10' and i still haven't got my period. Is there anything wrong with me? Please help!!

Yes. You tend to lose the protection of Depo-Provera after four months. So it is possible to get pregnant after four months. Usually you do not get pregnancy, but it is possible. There may be rebound ovulation in such case.

The depo usually lasts for 6 months, after this time women need to have another shot to remain infertile. so usually after 6 months you can become pregnant again. However, it can last a lot longer than that, the depo can really stuff up womens cycles and some women find it very difficult to get pregnant again after the depo shot.

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