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You make Processed wood by first collecting 5 Firewoods (it's best to farm the Scarecrows in the Haunted Mansion in New Leaf City [take the subway from Kerning City of Victoria island] because Scarecrows give good exp for levl 50 and they drop one piece of firewood for about every two Scarecrows you kill) and, I don't remember but I think you goto a person in Perion who makes you processed wood. Otherwise he's in Henesys.

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What is processed wood?

Processed wood usually means wood that's been made from chipped wood, like plywood and chipboard.

How is wood processed?

wood is taken into many step

How do you find Processed Wood in Maplestory?

To get processed wood, if I remember correctly (I haven't played in a few months.) you need either 10 branches, or 5 firewoods. Take these items to an item maker (ex. Vicious in the marketplace of Henesys.) and ask them to make you processed wood. Voila.

What is reconstituted wood?

Reconstituted is re processed so with wood it could be Chipboard, cardboard or paper.

How is wood processed to make paper?

it is a nothing but,PULPING METHOD

Is paper man made?

Paper is made from trees (wood).Wood is Natural but they have processed the wood and made paper. Therefore it is man-made.

Who is charcoal?

charcoal is a processed wood. it uses in blast furnace as a fuel

Are the wands on noble collection wood?

No, but it's good processed plastic.

List 20 different natural and processed materials.?

glass cotton wood

What is the difference between wood and paper?

Wood is the raw material used to make paper. Wood pulp is taken from trees, and is processed, rolled, and dried to make paper.

Why are their knots in natural wood?

After a tree is processed the area a branch used to be is turned into a knot

How do you get processed wood in maple story?

to get one proccesed wood is to get tree branches from stumps,once you have done that go to the item maker in kerning city

What does this analogy mean wool is to sweater as wood pulp is to?

Paper. A sweater is made of wool after processing (knitting). Wood pulp is processed to become paper.

What is toilet paper made out of?

Toilet paper is made out wood pulp, like paper, but is processed in a different way.

What products do Canada's waterways and forests provide?

Forests provide useful wood products. Round wood (whole logs) can be processed into building materials, or be made into plywood products, furniture etc.

Why sand the wood to stain the wood?

Depending on what the wood is and how it has been processed, there may be a semi finished surface on it. Sanding lightly will open the pores and allow the stain to absorb more evenly. Will also remove any oil from your hands that may be on the surface.

Are towels made up of cells?

No. Cotton fiber is made out of protein, which is a cellular product, but not made out of cells. Synthetic fiber is made out of polymers, but not cells. Paper towels are made out of ground up and processed wood pulp. Wood pulp is made out of cells. However, after they are ground, processed with chemicals, and the products recombined, they are no longer cells.

How was paper made in olden days?

Paper was made by pulp wood made into fine chips and then processed into a pulp witch in return was made into paper

Are the trees in the Amazon being cut down?

As much as 70 percent of the cut wood in the the Amazon basin is wasted, not even processed for human usage.

Can you cut down tree and get them processed?

Sometimes when you cut them down you can process them yourself with a chain saw and something to smooth out the wood after being cut down. :)

What has the author Mark Blythe written?

Mark Blythe has written: 'Chemically processed wood pulp and manual writing instrument based exegis system,or'

What is Canada's major economic activity?

Canada's most important economic activity is manufacturing. There are several products which are manufactured including transportation equipment, chemicals, processed and unprocessed minerals, processed foods, wood and paper products, fish, petroleum, as well as many others.

What is processed sugar?

what is processed sugar?

How is silver processed?

How is silver processed?

Why is yogurt processed?

why is yougart processed