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Trade it from firered and leafgreen to emerald.

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Q: How do you get pupitar in emerald?
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Where do you catch a pupitar in emerald?

It's actually impossible to catch Pupitar in Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get it is to trade it from LeafGreen and FireRed. Hope I helped :)

How do you get tyrranitar in emerald?

Train a larvitar to make it evolve to pupitar then train pupitar to level 55 and its a tyranitar. Larvitar is a Pokemon you can catch in firered and leafgreen trade it to emerald.

Catch pupitar Pokemon Emerald?

You have to trade from LeafGreen/FireRed.

When does Pupitar evolve into Tyranitar on Diamond?

the two evolves are larvitar to pupitar and pupitar to tyranitar

Where should I train my Pupitar in emerald it takes forever to raise Any help?

give it the exp share and go battle the elite four.

How do you evolve pupitar?

pupitar will evolve at level 55

When does a pupitar evolve?

A Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar at lvl55.

Where do you get pupitar in Pokemon HeartGold?

You get pupitar by evolving larvitar.

How do you get a Tyranitar in Pokemon HeartGold?

You must evolve Pupitar to get a Tyranitar. Pupitar evolves at level 55. To get a Pupitar, you must first get a Larvitar. Larvitar evolves into Pupitar at level 30.

What does pupitar evovle into?

pupitar evolves into tyranitar at level 55

How evolve pupitar?

Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar at level 55.

What level does pupitar evolves?

Pupitar evolves at level 55 into a Tyranitar.

What level pupitar evolves into Tyranitar?

pupitar evolves at level 55.

How do you evolve Pupitar in Pokemon Pearl?

Pupitar evolves at Level 55.

What type of Pokemon is pupitar?

Pupitar is a Rock and Ground type pokemon.

When does pupitar evolve in Pokemon white?

Pupitar > level 55 > Tyranitar

What stone will evolve pupitar?

There isn't one that evolves pupitar, sorry

In which level pupitar evoluve in tyranitar?

Pupitar evolves in a Tyranitar at Level 55.

What level does Pupitar evolve in Pokemon?

Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar at Level 55.

What level does Pupitar evolve?

The level at which Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar level 55.

What level dose pupitar evolve?

Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar at level 50.

What lvl will larvitar evolve into pupitar?

Larvitar evolves into Pupitar at Level 30.

What moves can pupitar learn?

Pupitar can learn to move freely and also how to withstand collisions. Pupitar is a rock/ground dual type of Pokémon.

How do you evolve larvatar?

To get a Larvitar to be a Pupitar, get it to level 30. To get a Tyranitar, get your Pupitar to level 55.

Where to get pupitar in HeartGold?

You can catch a level 20 Larvitar in MT. Silver. He then evolves into Pupitar.