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How do you get puppies to sleep?

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Rub them under the neck.

ANS2:Put a (mechanical, ticking) alarm clock in the nest with them. Just be sure that the alarm is not set. If it goes off the pups will be terrified.
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Do beagle puppies sleep a lot?

All puppies do

Is it normal for puppies to sleep all day?

yes! puppies need lots of sleep to grow

Why do puppies sleep so much?

Puppies sleep a lot because they play a lot and it tires them out.

Why do puppies pee when they sleep?

when puppies are born they pee in their sleep because they don't have full control of their bladder

Do westie puppies sleep a lot?

All puppies sleep a lot. Just like human babies, they sleep quite a lot because they are growing

How many hours do puppies sleep?

they sleep about 9 hours by the hour

What do puppies do?

well, puppies can "do" a lot of things. like sleep, play with toys, eat, go to he bathroom. that is generaly what puppies do.

Is it OK for 2 week old puppies to sleep all day?

Yes, puppies of that age will basically sleep all the time, and feed the rest of the time, but mostly they will just sleep.

How long do lab puppies sleep?

All puppies are like human babies, they sleep 3/4 of the day. Their routine is to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom, and occasionally play. Hope this helps.

How do the puppies sleep in the game puppy love?

that what guns are for

Where do puppies like to sleep?

mostly under blankets

What does a pug do when it is at home?

Adult Pugs sleep most of the day when they are home, puppies will play and sleep.

Can puppies sleep in laundry baskets?

No. They are entirely too spacious. :)

Why do puppies pee during sleep and How can I make it stop?


Do pit bull puppies like to sleep a lot?

kind of

Why do yorkie sleep so much when there puppies?

They are like real babies they eat and play then need to sleep.

When can puppies sleep alone without there mom?

they should be able to sleep at about a month so that they can get used to there mom

What conditions affect the sleep of domesticated puppies?

Tickling affects older dogs more than puppies, because puppies sleep a lot. I have don't this experiment with my dogs. The older dog is more affected by tickling or other noises and feelings than the puppy is.

Where does a puppies sleep?

Well, if you have your own puppy then the best place for him/her to sleep us probably a mat or some small bed. You can also buy special beds for puppies so you don't have to worry about that.

Why does puppies sleep so much?

Puppies sleep a great deal because their metabolism is very high and they cannot eat enough calories to maintain awareness for as long as an adult dog. As a puppy matures, it will sleep less and less until it reaches the normal sleep patterns for an adult dog.

What do puppies do at two weeks of age?

Nurse, pee, poop, and sleep.

Will newborn puppies sleep together?

Yes. They do this for safety, warmth and security.

What do puppies and kittens do?

Mostly sleep and eat while very young.

How much do English bulldog puppies sleep?

Okay, a couple months back i got my own English bulldog puppy. They pretty much sleep whenever they need too. for example, the puppies get worn out easily then sleep for a little bit. as they get older they sleep less. HOPE THIS HELPS!!! PS: They sleep pretty well through the night and they sleep some in the day.

You have been told that English bull terriers eat their puppies and you are worried this will happen to you what should you do to avoid this?

they do not eat their puppies, but they can roll on them in their sleep and kill them. a way to stop this is to get a sleeping pen/bed that has a ledge around the edge of it. make sure there is enough room for the puppies to get under it. the puppies will automatically sleep under it and the mum can't roll on to them. ! xx