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How do you get radio air play for your song?


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Try seeking out a PR firm for musicians, there are quite a few out there. You might also want to hire a manager on a commission basis to help deal with PR for your talents. You will want to have demo CDs and promo material mailed directly to DJs and need a list to send the promos to as well. Try locally first and build your reputation from there.


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Radio Play - song - was created in 1969.

I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio was created in 1980.

hillsongs united are a christian band that have wrote sung and played play the song on the radio I love them

It is one of the two: 1. People don't like the song and don't listen to the radio when it is playing and this causes the radio to not play the song because that radio wants people listening so it can make money on ads. 2. The radio doesn't play that type of music and plays music that most people like.

Play a different song on the radio

You can play that song on the radio on certain days.

Maybe you could request it on your radio station.

It is a play on the Queen song Radio Gaga

Yes, the song 'You're Beautiful' sung by James Blunt can still be heard on various radio stations. The song can be requested by contacting a radio station and asking them to play it.

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Video Killed The Radio Star, by the Buggles sailingromantic

A very inspiring Christian Radio Station :) Check out Manafest "Never Let you Go" song to get an idea

It is "La Vie En Rose". Later, after midnight, when the station is about to shut down and go off the air for the night, they play "La Marseillaise".

Well there is a song that is called radio radio by Elvis Costello. I hope I have helped you.

Don Henley performed the song "The End of Innocence."

On Simple Plan's website, you can request their song, 'Save You' on your local radio station. Also, when radio stations have a request period, they'll play pretty much anything you request.

Radio Song was created in 1991-10.

That song is not banned but some radio stations may refuse to play it. It was a comedy song with double entendre and a very popular song worldwide in its day.

You find the air plane radio or you make an instrument then you play the instrument or dance to the radio.

If you go to you can type in a song or artist and it will play songs and artists similar to that song or artist. ( And it's not fuzzy. )

He sent his song "Runaway" to the radio and begged them to play it on the air. they finally said "OK" and they put it on the radio. Then, people started liking him and he kept making more songs. Then, he kept getting more famous and more famous until now.

create a catch song then get professional a band to play it then take it to a radio station

If internet radio stations are like normal radio stations, they normally get all of their songs saved onto a massive database. When the DJ wants to get a song they just type it in and they will find it. Think of it as itunes with almost every known song ever stored on it.

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