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How do you get rare Pokémon at the Pokémon mansion in Pokémon diamond?

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you have to talk to the boss and he tells you what rare Pokemon you can find in his gardin

2011-09-13 03:32:49
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Q: How do you get rare Pokémon at the Pokémon mansion in Pokémon diamond?
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Where can you find Rare Candies in Pokmon Soul Silver?

well you are going to have to have the rare candy cheat because you can get heaps or get them from the pokealathon

How do you catch Porygon in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to the Trophy Garden which is in the Pokemon Mansion. porygon is rare in Pokemon Diamond, so using the Poke Radar would be easier.

How do you get a shiny stone on pokmon diamond?

You got to go to iron island and at the end of it you find it

Pokémon Diamond Pokémon mansion?

It is south of Hearthome city. After beating the Elite Four and you talk to the owner you can get rare Pokemon in the garden

Where is trophy garden on Pokemon diamond?

The Trophy Garden in Pokemon Diamond is located behind the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212. Many rare Pokemon may be encountered and caught only in the Trophy Garden.

Can you capture Pokmon in Pokmon Battle revolution?

you cant

Where are the pikachu's in the Pokemon Mansion on Pokemon Diamond?

there in the yard of the Mansion hope I helped

What forest is the haunted mansion in on Pokemon diamond?

The haunted mansion is in the Eterna Forest

On Pokemon Diamond where is the Pokemon mansion?

The Pokemon mansion is south(Down) from hearthome city.

Where do you get rare candies in platinum?

at the spooky mansion

Where is the haunted mansion in Pokemon diamond?

the forest

Where do you catch Eevee in Pokemon Diamond?

After you obtain the National Pokedex, talk to the owner of the mansion that likes to brag about rare Pokemon in his garden. It will be a different Pokemon every day.

Where is Pokemon mansion diamond?

To get to the Pokemon mansion go south from hearthome city and you should see it.

Where is the mansion near eterna city in Pokemon diamond?

the mansion is in the last bit of the enterna forest

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon Diamond?

which mansion 1.haunted mansion (in the forest beside enterna city) 2.the mansion with the trophy garden (north of route 212)

Where are some Eves in Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon mansion

How do you get pichu in pokemon diamond?

in mrs bachlot mansion

If you kill Ditto where can you get him on diamond?

in the garden where that Pokemon mansion is at

How do you see manapy in diamond?

Go to the Pokemon mansion

Map to Pokemon mansion?

The Pokemon mansion is a location where you can find many rare kinds of Pokemon. A map to the Pokemon mansion can be useful for finding these Pokemon.

Is the diamond an abundant source?

No, diamond is relatively rare.

What are the semi-rare and rare gems on FantAge?

the rare gem is sapphire. Ruby is very rare. Emerald is ultra rare. Diamond is legendary. Black diamond is the most rare one. Then the moonstone, which is otherworldly.

Why is there two ghosts in the eterna mansion in Pokemon diamond?

PMMewtwo---Because it was their old mansion. and because they like been there.

How do you get the rare ghost in the mansion Pokemon on diamond?

What you do is get the national pokedex then go to the mansion stand in front of the guy's door and SAVE. Then go in and talk to him. if he does not say the Pokemon you want shut down and restart again go in talk to him and he should say the Pokemon you want after you do this a couple of times

What makes a blue diamond rare?

The natural occurrence of boron within the diamond lattice is unusual and rare, making diamonds blue, and therefore, rare.