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How do you get razor claw in Pokemon Platinum?

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you can not get it from Pokemon platinum you can trade in to diamond or pearl

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The Razor Claw is only found in Pearl, Diamond and Platinum.

The Razor Claw is an item in the Pokemon games. To get one in Platinum version you can search Victory Road.

catch sneasle, and trade it holding a razor claw. No you have to give it a razor claw and level it up at night

get a razor claw and a sneasel and level up

No wild Pokemon hold the item razor claw but you can find razor claw at Route 224, Victory Road and available to buy at the Battle Tower (D/P) -Clensen

Give the item Razor Claw to your Sneasel, and level it up at night.

In the low right corner of Route 24.

you make it hold a razor claw and level up at night.

give him razor claw and train him one level at night

you get a sneasal from snowpoint city and get a razor claw where is on your way to the lake under veilstone city beware it is invisible try press a when you find it after you get the razor claw level sneasal in the night holding the razor claw and it will envolve into weavile

You can buy a razor claw from the PokeShop, if you have enough Pokemon Coins!

Razor claw is not a move, it is an item.

route 224........... but i think you can also get one at the fight area

Level your Sneasel up while it is holding a Razor Claw.

you find it in victory road the battle fronteer or the cycleing road

A Razor Claw can be bought in the Battle Frontier for 48 BP (Battle Points) and you can find 2 other Razor Claws, 1 in the Victory Road and one within Route 224.

let it hold a razor claw & then train it in the time of 7:00pm-4:00 am

Sneasel evolves by letting it hold a Razor Claw and then leveling it up at night.

In the BAttle frontier, i think (i know thats for platinum, unsure about pearl)

The Pokémon in Pokémon Pearl that evolves with a Razor Claw is Sneasel. You can evolve Sneasel with a Razor Claw by giving the Razor Claw to Sneasel and then you can level it up while it's night time and it will evolve into Weavile.

you can get it in the battle frontier it costs 48 battle points. also you can get a razor fang and rare candy (if you don't have cheat)

u can find the razor claw on route thirteen in white

Lvl up while holding the Razor Claw in between 20:00 and 4:00

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