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How do you get really rare pokemon in pokemon silver version?



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Run to Vermilion City (Don't fly or it messes it up) then go to the Pokemon center and heal your Pokemon, then go from there to Saffron (might be spelt wrong) City and go to the Pokemon center there, finally go to the city farthest east from Saffron and go to the Pokemon center (heal). Afterwards, when you get outside of the P center, run around for about 10 minutes and you will get into a battle, the pokemons name should be ??XPineapple??, beat him and you'll get him

Using this trick will make you get a Shogon.

After beating the elite four,Professor Elm will call you to see him, don't go. Instead, go to the Radio Station with any of your starter Pokemon. Go to the first floor. Then talk with the lady who tells you which floor is which. keep doing this until the lady says "Don't you understand? Let's Battle. You and the lady will fight. If you win, then she'll say sorry. She'll give you an egg. Take the egg and take 2000 steps then it will hatch and become a Shogon, it's an ice and dragon type.

I hope i have helped you well.