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How do you get records from a Doctor Who has died?

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A patient has the right to their records although there is a fee (at least in Canada) but it's minimal. Since your doctor died, then either there is another physician that took his place and they would have your records or, the doctor's office would usually tell you of another doctor to see and when you do they will automatically pass your records to them. If there is another doctor that took the place of your doctor and you don't care to be treated by him/her you can request your medical records be released. They will make you sign a document of release.

2006-09-11 19:39:28
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When was Doctor Dream Records created?

Doctor Dream Records was created in 1985.

Who is the doctor that keeps the medical records?

Every doctor maintains his or her patients' medical records.

How can you make doctor release your medical records to another doctor?

You would have to contact your doctor, and request your records be released to the doctor you are seeing, or would like to see, indicating the doctor's name and address. People have their records transferred all the time. It is not a difficult thing to do.

What do I need to do to access my mother's medical records and speak to her doctor?

Speaking to your mother's doctor is done the same way as speaking to any other doctor; you make an appointment. If it is necessary to access your mother's medical records, her doctor has access to them and can access them for you. Of course, you will have to have a legitimate reason to have access to her records. I don't know what your reason is. If you are planning a malpractice suit against your mother's doctor, then the courts can subpoena the records.

Who owns medical records?

Legally, medical records are owned by the employer of the doctor who compiles them.

Are medical records confidential after a Doctor files bankruptcy?

Medical records belong to the patient, not the doctor and remain confidential regardless of the doctor's financial condition.

How do you obtain immunization records?

You must obtain immunization records from your doctor. Simply ask, he will have them on record.

Medical records are owned by who?

The doctor who compiles them, or his employer.

Where do medical records go after a doctor dies?

To his replacment.

Who owns a patient's medical records?

The doctor and the patient.

Can your employer check with your doctor on your medical health?

doctor/patient confidentiallity does NOT permit a doctor from revealing your medical records to anyone but you

Who impacts medical records?

The doctor is the person who is mainly in charge of writing the records. But, most importantly, YOU are in charge of your medical records, since you are the subject.

Your doctor retired and you need your medical records transferred Is it legal for the previous medical group to charge to transfer records to your new doctor?

If the records are requested by your new Medical office, they should not charge you for them.. If you are picking them up.. normally they charge a fee and something like one dollar per page. If you can, have your new Doctor request the records. They should not charge for that.

If a doctor leaves a practice is it legal for them to transfer medical records to another doctor without permission?

At least in the UK,yes, as the new doctor will be directly involved in your care. You are allowed to share records as a doctor with members of the medical staff directly involved with your care.

What if your doctors sends your husband your medical records?

Your doctor should never hand out your medical records to anyone including your husband, this is a serious breach of confidentiality between doctor and patient.

Are you legally entitled to a copy of your medical records?

Yes, you are legally entitled to a copy of your medical records. This has just a few exceptions including if the doctor feels that looking at your medical records might cause you to harm yourself. If this is the reason he or she will not release the records, the doctor must state clearly the reasoning.

A patient doctor give her attorney her medical records including her records about being treated for HIV without violations under the privacy rule a written authorization what?

You have a right to your own records. Once you have those records, you can share or trasnfer them to whomever you choose. For your doctor to transfer your records, he would undoubtedly require a written authorization from the patient.

Can your doctor hand the patient his own medical records when moving?

Absolutely. The patient is entitled to see all parts of their records except for psychotherapy notes. And the doctor is wise to release those records to the patient when they move their practice -- it saves everyone time in responding to requests for records from the new doc.

Can your doctor get your past medical records?

yes with a signed permission form from you.

Where did Booker T Washington die?

He died after suffering from many headaches, fatigue, and weight loss. His doctor wrote in his records that Washington died of "racial characteristics" He died at Tuskgee, Alabama U.S.P.S.- YOU CAN GET MORE Information AT:

How can you receive your medical records to show you got valley fever?

The main office of the clinic and/or the doctor should provide you with these records. They are yours.

Does your doctor have a list of prior medications from your doctor?

yes because every persciption perscribed to you goes into your portfolio of medical records

Is it legal to charge a doctor for records from doctor to doctor?

Yes it i legal to charge for paperwork, but many jurisdictions have fixed amounts they can charge for copying, faxing, etc.

Who kills the doctor in Doctor Who?

He hasn't died yet.

Is there a public record to see if a person has a disease?

No. A person's medical records are considered extremely private and confidential. Even if a person wants a copy of their own medical records sent from one doctor to another they have to sign consent forms for their doctor to send them to the second doctor.