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How do you get reservations to the Character breakfast at Cinderellas Royal Table at Walt Disney World?


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Call Disney reservations (407-WDW-DINE) at 7 a.m. central time, exactly 60 days before you want the reservation. Reservations are only taken 60 days out, and they always fill up the first day they are available. (Be sure you count 60 days on your calendar, not just 2 months. If you


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Reservations can be made for the Disney World Resort by calling the facility and speaking to a customer representative. There is a telephone number located on the official Disney World Resort's website.

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The Character breakfast at Cinderella�s Royal Table is the hottest ticket at Walt Disney World, after the Hoop-de-doo Revue. That�s because it only holds 130 diners at a time. It�s worth the hassle, though. The Royal Table is actually inside Cinderella�s castle, on the second floor. It�s gorgeous. Many who don�t manage to get a reservation for a Character breakfast, have lunch or dinner there. The breakfast buffet is good, and high Character-to- guest rations mean the Characters spend a lot of time with you. Usually Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine and Aladdin are there. Although this meal is always booked up, there�s a very slight chance someone will no-show. Your chances of success are better on cold or rainy days, or during less busy times. Try the last hour breakfast is served. Warning: The restaurant is extremely crowded and noisy during lunch and dinner, and no Characters are available. Some Disney vacation packages include a Character breakfast at Cinderella�s Royal Table. If you�re going to buy a package anyway, and it�s only a few dollars more, that�s by far the easiest way to guarantee you�ll get seats.

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In order to have breakfast with Mickey and friends you must go to the Ohana cafe in Orlando, Florida. It's about $75 for a family of four, with tip. Reservations must be made 180 days in advance and can be placed by calling 407-WDW-DINE.

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