How do you get revenge on your older sisters boyfriend?

Sometimes your older sister's boyfriend can be really mean to you, and that can really get you steamed. So, here are some ways to get revenge on him.
1. If he brings something, hide it. Once he starts asking, wait until he's not looking then put it somewhere really simple where he can find it. This will get him so embarrassed!

2. If your sister and her boyfriend are going on a date, tell him some random time and then ask him to ask your sister if he doesn't believe you. Then when he does, your sister should say, " Oh my gosh, don't you know? It's at _________ ! ( Time ) Note: It may not work if they're like, two lovebirds.

3. Fill his shoes up with something. ( Whipped cream, honey, shampoo, etc. ) Then when he leaves? He'll freak out! Note: The messier, the better!

4. Tell your sister that her boyfriend is planning to dump her and she should act fast . She might dump him first! Note: It might not work if your sister hates you and won't believe you or if she asks her boyfriend if he really is going to dump her.

5. Replace one of his stuff with something else. Note: If it feels like the replaced item, then that's good. Then he'll notice less.

These are all the ways that YOU can get revenge on your sister's boyfriend!

Please comment if this helped you!

Warning: Be prepared for revenge from your sister or her boyfriend. They might find out!