How do you get rich?

J. P. Getty probably answered this question best when he said what the secret of his success was: "Rise early, work hard, strike oil." In other words, becoming rich is a mixture of hard work and luck. But here are a few pointers to get you to the ideal financial situation.

Hard work:

1. Obtain higher education.

2. Save the majority of the money you make and invest it, especially at a young age.

3. Start your own business.


1. Become a professional athlete or entertainer.

2. Inherit family money.

3. Marry rich.

Here are a few more ideas about striking it rich from our contributors:

  • I wouldn't call myself rich, I am comfortable. I have worked hard in school to get a basic understanding of Math, English, Science and History. I started working at 15 years old and saved my money while my friends were spending all of theirs. I went on to College to learn more of the specific field I enjoyed while working as a truck driver. When completed I joined the U.S. Marines again saving most of my money, this time putting it into Mutual Funds. When my enlistment ended I went back to the work force still saving money in Mutual Funds, less then before. If a person was to save $2000.00 a year from the age of 18 to 24 at a rate of 10% (I received an average of 28%) you will end up at the age of 65 with about a $1,000,000.00. Now if you wait until 24 years old to start you will need to save $2,000 each year until you are 65 to get roughly the same amount. The secret is to start saving earlier and let your money grow for you. Follow the rule of 72 and you will be successful. What is the rule of 72? Divide the interest you get into 72 the number you get is how many years it will take for that money to double. I now have a home (6,800 sq ft) on 85 acres of land. I am ready for retirement long before 65 years of age.
  • Get a decent job and start saving up money, then start your own business, and market well. Make sure your product/service is a NEED, not a WANT.

You can become rich by finding something that you are passionate about and working hard to make it earn money for you. You could get lucky and win the lottery, too.