How do you get rid of Bispy B in C Program Files LAVASOFT Ad awa when running in safe mode and deleting does not work?

You can get rid of all known (and unknown) software on your computer by doing what most tekkies refer to as a 'Vulcan Mind Wipe'. You need to have the CD that originally came with the computer and just reinstall it. If you follow the directions and prompts, your computer will dump everything you (or anyone else) ever put on it, back to the state it was when you took it out of the box and lit it off. Yes, it's a pain to duplicate files you want to save onto floppies and spend hours downloading the most current Microsoft updates, but the end result will be that you have regained control over your computer.  
Thanks for your reply. Actually I managed to solve the problem. I didn't realise that Lavasoft was an anti-virus name and when I did, I realised that it was probably already quarantined and that was why AVG was unable to quarantine it. With some help I got rid of it completely.