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How do you get rid of Mosquito larvae in fish pond?


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Most fish will gladly to eat the larvae.

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There are special chemicals to distribute in pool water to kill mosquito larvae. To keep them out, use a tight pool cover and filter.

Bleach , no fish in it right, and no people or animals in it for a couple of days till the bleach clears up

Getting rid of mosquito larva is the easiest way of combating mosquitoes. Dump any still standing water, it will give mosquitoes no where to lay their eggs.

A little bit of cooking oil on top of most containers with mosquito larvae will kill the little critters. Still, it is good to get rid of standing water all around. Without standing water, they can not come back.

Probably mosquito larvae. Chlorine will do the trick. Stop by your local pool supply.

A good fish pond will attract all sorts of animals, you should be pleased you have Ducks visiting yours. They do no harm to the pond or fish and will help to keep it healthy and free of weed.

because if you have a noise to another fisherman its to follow this

20 Mule Team Borax does not indicate on the package for use of getting rid of mosquitoes, although some people have had positive results using the product for getting rid of them.

Can use an algeaside from a pond chemical company but its not permitted in many states to dispense chemicals without a license.

You can net and remove them or you can put some fish in that are large enough to hunt and eat them. Well grown Dragon fly larvae will easily eat fish as large as 8mls.

Take a very small holed netobject like a screen and run it through the pond for a while. And for a big pond advertise for people to come and fish or put a bunch of fish food in one area and all the fish will come there, then take them all out with a fishing net.

You could put a fence around your pond, just high enough so that you can get in but the raccoon can not . Or you do it the other way, which is to keep your fish out of the pond until the raccoon goes away.

bag them and give them to ur local pet store or let them die

If they float try a floating skimmer this will get rid of just about any thing on the surface of a pool. Mosquito larvae prefer stagnant water so just running the pool filter a little more often may be the answer to your problem.

The most useful technique for mosquito elimination is to get rid of standing bodies of water in which they breed. The larval phase of the mosquito requires a pool of water of some kind. You can also put oil on top of the water, which interferes with the breathing of the larvae.

No. They breed in standing water. One reason why mosquito control wants people to get rid of standing water in the spring months. For ponds a guppy type fish called a mosquito fish can take care of the mosquitoes.

Chlorine or bleach. But not if you keep fish, frogs or plants in it. They'll die as well as the algae.

Getting rid of mosquito bit scars can be hard. You can try rubbing coco butter on them.

How do you want to get rid of them? If your pond has fish that you enjoy, or if garden birds and other animals are in the area, I advise you are better to keep the cranes there. Otherwise, don't taint the water by trying to kill the birds with poison and the such.

It is illegal to kill any bird of prey in most countries, you could try putting some wire mesh over your pond.

Fogging is one method that helps get rid of mosquito infestations. It works similarly to smoking bees or wasps out of a nest.

you dont keep ducks in a pond

There are a few ways to get rid of blind mosquitoes. You can get rid of blind mosquitoes by squishing them.

the mosquito is the tics predator. they get rid of them

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