How do you get rid of Trojan horse Downloader Presario A?

This is a piece of Compaq ad-ware. Left running, it will try to contact Compaq every 10 minutes to get "hot deal" information. To terminate this, go to control panel -> administrative tools -> services. Then, select the "Content Monitoring Service", right-click, and select properties. Set to "disabled". This will prevent it from running. After a reboot, you should be able to delete the "Compaq Hot Deals" icon, if it exists.

For what it's worth, AVG7 appears to have removed it from _my_ system.

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avg6 detected the virus located in c\windows\system32\msCMTsrvc.exe this file did not exist in the xp files of a non infected computer. first i renamed the file, moved it to the desktop and restarted windows to see if it noticed a missing file. all was well; next i moved it to the recycle bin and ran avg again. this time avg could and did remove it. i recommend before running avg to remove a Trojan to disable system restore because a Trojan can hide there and also in norton quarranteen. after removing virus restart and retest then enable restore, restart and retest. see my web page at