How do you get rid of Trojan horse Downloader Stubby A?

I ran AVG from GriSoft and it seemed to remove it. I also found a belt.ini that I removed manually and it seems to be gone.

I had the same problem and I have installed "Panda."

If you deside to install that PANDA program (30 days for free including updates), before you do, go to the Configuration Screen and click on "System." Go to "System Recovery" and put a mark to "System Recovery Disable."

Then restart your PC and then download the Panda program.

If that virus is deleted, go back to the Configuration screen and put that mark away by System Recovery, and restart your PC again.

In AVG 7.0 that Downloader.Stubby.A was in the Virus Vault and I have deleted it from there also.

Go to GriSoft and download and install their newest free antivirus program (AVG).

Run a complete test, AVG will remove it for you. I used to believe in Norton, but this computer had an updated version of Norton and still got the downloader.stubby.a virus.

AVG did it for me ... what a marvelous free tool - works much better than Norton!

I have had the FREE AVG virus program for years. Yep, I woke up to the Stubby.A virus this morning and AVG let me know and got rid of it. No problems since. Here is the link if anyone is interested: AVG from GriSoft.

Note that the description for disabling restore function for Windows XP files placed in the _System volume information folder are source files for the system restore function that is available in Windows XP operating system. Files that were healed were moved in their original INFECTED state into this folder and it is necessary to DELETE them by following these steps:

Close all open programs.Then right-click My Computer on the Windows desktop Click on Properties Click on the System Restore tab Check Turn off System Restore on all drives Restart the system

Go through the first four steps again and uncheck the item mentioned in step 4.

I just had a customer with the Downloader.Stubby virus. After downloading AVG 6.0 Free Edition and installing, the virus was found (I just removed the loveletter worm :|) and removed successfully. Just thought I'd let you know :)..

Take Care,

HP Technician

Tried AVG, Norton, and Panda antivirus software on my WinXP. None recognized the Stubby A Trojan when scanning. Nod 32 identifed the virus but could not fix. The virus was hidden in C:\documents & settings\Jim\local settings\temp\biprep.exe

Went to my computer followed links to local settings and began checking files with Nod32. One file bidll.dat was suspicious. Opened file and discovered encryted notepad. Ran Nod32 and it was deleted as the Stubby A Trojan. Exit and ran Systems Mechanic and fixed 48 registry keys. No sign of the virus since. I hope this helps someone else.

AVG did it for me on a regular scheduled complete test of my system. I have been running free AVG for two years -- what a gift? Recommend it highly.

Go to My Computer, left click on properties. Then click on System Restore and turn it off. Restart computer then turn on System Restore again. The Trojan virus will be removed from wherever it was hidden.

Dowload and install TotalCommander, enable displaying hidden and system files, and then remove manually the file(s) indicated by AVG.

You may also download Ad-aware 6.0 to find other parasites and RegSupreme (Regcleaner) which gives you access to registry.

While installing KazaaMate I got problems. My NOD32 on-access scanner found but could not delete or otherwise remove something that tried to copy a .dll file.The on-demand scanner found and deleted the virus in Documents and settings/././Temp/biprep.exe. All is well again!

I got this Trojan many times and I use bitdefender to get rid of it. I have no idea where I pick this virus up but I can get rid of it everytime with ease.

"Trojan horse Downloader Stubby A" is a hoax virus. I just went on the Symantec website and looked for all of the viruses that are around at the moment, and it doesn't appear there. It's just basically a hoax virus which has no effect on the system that we use, despite the fact that it tells us stuff like that.

Being a computer specialist I see problems everyday with viruses and such. It seems to me (not trying to disrespect anyone) that most of the people asking and posting questions here have no or limited knowledge of computer security.

This is an app that is installed with something else. When you go off downloading all kinds of progs and apps, you agree and accept their EULA agreement which sometimes contain spyware and adware, and yes, malicious code sometimes.

Since 1992, I haven't had one virus, worm or Trojan horse on any of my systems. You can have the same level of comfort by learning better security. You can also read the content on my website to learn more about protecting yourself. My website is:

Here is a list of progs I run, and most are free:

Spybot (free)Ad-aware (free)SpywareBlaster (free)SpywareGuard (free)Keylogger Hunter (free)Norton I.S. 2004 (not free)ZoneAlarm Pro (not free)Linksys Firewall Router (not free)

Please learn to protect yourself, because in turn you help protect others as well.

I'd suggest you give NOD32 a try ( Version 2.0 has brought brand new advanced heuristics which has already detected hundreds (if not thousands) of new fast-spreading worms/viruses/trojans without needing to update. Has very small footprints on system resources and is the fastest AV in the world. I use it at home and I am more than content with it.